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All Dogs Go To Heaven Cast & Crew List

All Dogs Go To Heaven Cartoon Picture
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Goldcrest Films, Ltd., Sullivan Bluth Studios, Ireland Dom DeLuise, Burt Reynolds, Daryl Gilley, Candy Devine, Charles Nelson Reilly, Vic Tayback, Melba Moore, Judith Barsi, Rob Fuller; Full Voice Cast Full Voice Cast.. Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Dan Kuenster, Moya Mackle, Nuala O'Toole Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy, Morris F. Sullivan, George A. Walker , , , , , , , , , ; more Writers More Writers.. John K. Carr, Lisa Dorney Ralph Burns, T.J. Kuenster, Charles Strouse, London Symphony Orchestra, Richard Bronskill, Harvey R. Cohen
  • 1989
  • Goldcrest Films, Ltd., Sullivan Bluth Studios, Ireland
  • United Artists
  • Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film
  • Cartoon Characters: Itchy, Charlie B. Barkin, Dog Caster, Vera, Killer, Carface, Whippet Angel (Annabelle), Anne-Marie, Harold, Kate, Stella Dallas, Sir Reginald, Flo, King Gator.
  • Vocal Talent: Dom DeLuise (Itchy), Burt Reynolds (Charlie B. Barkin), Daryl Gilley (Dog Caster), Candy Devine (Vera), Charles Nelson Reilly (Killer), Vic Tayback (Carface), Melba Moore (Whippet Angel), Judith Barsi (Anne-Marie), Rob Fuller (Harold), Earleen Carey (Kate), Anna Manahan (Stella Dallas), Nigel Pegram (Sir Reginald), Loni Anderson (Flo), Ken Page (King Gator), Godfrey Quigley (Terrier), Jay Stevens (Mastiff), Kelly Briley (Puppy), Cyndi Cozzo (Puppy), Thomas Durkin (Gambler Dog), Dana Rifkin (Fat Pup), Lana Beeson (Singing Voice [Judith Barsi]), John K. Carr, John Eddings, Jeff Etter, Dan Hofstedt, Dan Kuenster, Dan Molina, Mark Swan, Taylor Swanson, David N. Weiss, Dick Zondag.
  • Directed By Don Bluth.
    Co-Directors: Gary Goldman, Dan Kuenster.
    Assistant Directors: Moya Mackle, Nuala O'Toole.
  • Produced By Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy.
    Executive Producers: Morris F. Sullivan, George A. Walker.
  • Animated By David Brewster, Ben Burgess, Ken Duncan, Jeff Etter, Silvia Hoefnagels, Jon L. Hooper, Dave Kupczyk, Linda Miller, Jean Morel, John Pomeroy, Lorna Pomeroy-Cook, Dick Zondag, Ralph Zondag.
    Supervising Animators: Ken Duncan, Jeffrey James Varab.
    Assistant Animators: Myung Kang, Kevin M. O'Neil.
    Special Visual Effects Animator: Bruce Heller.
    Special Effects Animator: Peter Matheson.
    Effects Animator: Kathleen Quaife-Hodge.
    Visual Effects Animator: Michael L. Oliva.
    2-D Final Line Animators: Eileen Conway, Barry Iremonger, Sandra Keely, Ciara McCabe.
    Character Animator: Paul Newberry.
  • Written By Don Bluth, Ken Cromar, Gary Goldman, Larry Leker, Linda Miller, Monica Parker, John Pomeroy, Guy Schulman, David Steinberg, David N. Weiss.
    Screenplay: David N. Weiss.
  • Edited By John K. Carr, Lisa Dorney.

  • Production Design: Don Bluth, Larry Leker.
  • Production Managers: Rich Horine, Gerry Shirren, Thad Weinlein.
  • Production Supervisors: Russell Boland, Cathy Carr-Goldman, Olga Tarin-Craig.
  • Character Key Assistants: Doug Bennett, Bill Giggie.
  • Additional Storyboard Artist: T. Daniel Hofstedt.
  • Foley Mixers: James Ashwill, Greg Orloff.
  • Foley Artists: Kevin Bartnof, Dan O'Connell, Alicia Stevenson.
  • Foley Recordists: Rody Hassano, Mary Jo Lang.
  • Foley Editor: Andrew Stears.
  • Supervising Sound Editor: John K. Carr.
  • Sound Editors: Kevin Brazier, Joe Gallagher.
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixers: Dean Humphreys, Gerry Humphreys.
  • Music Editor: Michael Connell.
  • Assistant Music Engineer: Gerry O'Riordan.
  • Music Recordist: Keith Grant.
  • Inbetween Artist: Jane Anderson, David Cribbin.
  • Background Artist: Barry Atkinson.
  • Layout Artist: Scott Caple.
  • Xerox Check/Inking: Daryl Carstensen.
  • Xerox Supervisor: Daryl Carstensen.
  • Negative Cutter: Colin Ives.
  • Clean-Up Department Supervisor: Mark Pudleiner.
  • Key Clean-Up Artists: Paul J. Kelly, Brian McSweeney.
  • Title Designer: Richard Morrison.
  • Color Timer: John Stanborough.
  • Animation Compositing: The Computer Film Company.
  • Soundtrack: Curb Records.

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