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When Mother Brain Rules Cast & Crew List

When Mother Brain Rules Cartoon Picture

DiC Entertainment Gary Chalk, Michael Donovan, Matt Hill, Alessandro Juliani, Andrew Kavadas, Doug Parker, Venus Terzo, Levi Stubbs, Ian James Corlett; Full Voice Cast Full Voice Cast.. Chuck Patton, Kit Hudson Michael Maliani, Andy Heyward, Kenneth T. Ito, Jamie Edlin, Robby London Gregory K. Bowron, Richard Bruce Elliott, Allan Gelbart Michael Tavera
  • 1991
  • DiC Entertainment
  • Captain N The Game Master Episode Guide
  • Cartoon Characters: Captain N/Kevin Keene, Princess Lana, Mother Brain, King Hippo, Eggplant Wizard, Dr. Wiley, Simon Belmont, Mega Man, Megamite, Kid Icarus, Duke the dog, Count Dracula.
  • Vocal Talent: Gary Chalk (King Hippo), Michael Donovan (Eggplant Wizard), Matt Hill (Kevin), Alessandro Juliani (Kid Icarus), Andrew Kavadas (Simon), Doug Parker (Mega Man, Megamite), Venus Terzo (Princess Lana), Levi Stubbs (Mother Brain), Ian James Corlett (Dr. Wily), Tomm Wright (Duke), Jonathan Potts, Cyndy Preston, Long John Baldry, Dorian Barag, Don Brown, Violet Crumble, Doc Harris, Anthony Holland, Lee Jeffrey, Al Jordan, Colin Meachum, Shane Meier, Alvin Sanders, Mark Weatherly, Kurt Weldon, Frank Welker.
  • Directed By Chuck Patton.
    Live-Action Title Sequence Directed By: Kit Hudson.
  • Produced By Michael Maliani.
    Executive Producer: Andy Heyward.
    Associate Producer: Kenneth T. Ito.
    Live-Action Sequence Produced By: Jamie Edlin.
    Coordinating Producer: Robby London.
    Supervising Producer: Michael Maliani.
  • Edited By Gregory K. Bowron, Richard Bruce Elliott, Allan Gelbart.

  • Story Editor: Dorothy Middleton.
  • Production Assistants: Grant Leavins, Danielle Ferraro, Irene Toporzysek.
  • Voice Director: Greg Morton.
  • Casting: Stu Rosen.
  • Talent Coordinators: Wendi Laski, Josanne B. Lovick, Doug Parker, Marian Sloan, Randall Wade.
  • Recording Assistants: Anne Mathisen, Alvin Sanders.
  • Cast: Gary Chalk, Mike Donovan, Doc Harris, Matt Hill, Alessandro Juliani, Andrew Kavadas, Doug Parker, Jonathan Potts, Cyndy Preston, Venus Terzo, Frank Welker, Tomm Wright, Levi Stubbs, Jr.
  • Additional Voices: Long John Baldry, Don Brown, Len Carlson, Babs Chula, Ian James Corlett, Violet Crumble, Marcie Goldberg, Antony Holland, Lee Jeffrey, Al Jorden, Annabelle Kershew, Colin Meachum, Shane Meier, Alvin Sanders, Mark Weatherly, Kurt Weldon.
  • Storyboards: Tim Burgard, Michael D. Diederich, Robert L. Dranko, William T. Hurtz, Budd Lewis, Steven Dean Moore, Tom Nesbitt, Michael Swanigan.
  • Storyboard Clean-Up: Stephen Burpo, Ken Harsha.
  • Character Supervisor: E. D. Lee.
  • Character Design: Fil Barlow, Joe Barruso, E. Michael Mitchell, Maureen Trueblood, Jiunn Yu.
  • Background Design: Drew Graybeal, Gary Montalbano, Steve Olds, Sean Platter.
  • Prop Design: Gil Hung, Larry Nelson, Steve Swaja.
  • Color Background: Timothy Barnes, Brooks Campbell, Tim Flattery, Bari Green, Tim Maloney, Hector Martinez, Richard Ziehler-Martin.
  • Color Design: Derdad Aghamalian, Allyn Conley, Suzette Darling, "Puppy" Hutchins.
  • Lip Assignment: Sandi Hathcock.
  • Live-Action Main Title Designed and Produced by: I Square Communications.
  • Main Title Producer: Jamie Edlin.
  • Main Title Director: Kit Hudson.
  • Cast: Dorian Barag as "Kevin", Louie from Critters of the Cinema as "Duke-The-Dog".
  • Coordinating Producer: Robby London.
  • Executive in Charge of Production: Winnie Chaffee.
  • Production Supervisor: Brian A. Miller.
  • Script Supervisor: Lori Crawford.
  • Assisted by: William A. Ruiz, Eben F. Eldridge, Quentin Kniola.
  • Translation: Minoru Terao, Noriko Norvell, Kazuko Yamamoto.
  • Production Staff: Trace Ellis, Chris Hammond, Brian McGowan, Vickie Yeo.
  • Executive in Charge of Post Production: Thierry P. Laurin.
  • Assisted by: Kimberly R. Cronin.
  • Supervising Editor: Richard S. Gannon.
  • Film Editors: Gregory K. Bowron, Richard Bruce Elliott, Allan Gelbart.
  • Dialogue Editors: Heather C. Elliott, Theresa M. Gilroy, Donald P. Zappala, Ron Fedele, Robert O'Brien, Peter Tomaszewicz.
  • Supervising Music Editor: Stuart Goetz.
  • Music Editors: Gregory K. Bowron, Daniel J. Johnson.
  • Sound Effects: Bill Koepnick.
  • Re-Recording Engineer: Jim Hodson.
  • Supervising Sound Engineer: Michael J. Cowan.
  • Format Editors: Mark A. McNally, Susan Odjakjian, Warren Taylor.
  • Assistant Editors: Trudy Alexander, Kris Gilpin.
  • Videotape Supervisors: Mario Di Mambro, Dennis Graham.
  • Post Production Coordinator: Fifun A. Amini.
  • Music by: Michael Tavera.
  • Music Supervisor: Joanne Miller.
  • Assisted by: Judy Sampson-Brown, Melissa Gentry.
  • Captain N Overseas Animation by: Spectrum Animation Studio.

  • © 1990 Nintendo of America, Inc.

    Produced by DiC Enterprises, Inc./DiC Animation City

    This program utilizes characters created by Nintendo.
    The trademark and all the rights therein are the property of Nintendo. All rights reserved.

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When Mother Brain Rules