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Variety Girl Cast & Crew List

Variety Girl Cartoon Picture

Paramount Pictures Pinto Colvig, Mary Hatcher, Chorus.
Vocal Talent
, Live Action: Mary Hatcher
, Olga San Juan, DeForest Kelley, Frank Ferguson, Andra Verne; Full Voice Cast Full Voice Cast.. George Marshall, George Templeton Daniel Dare , , , LeRoy Stone Joseph J. Lilley
  • 1947
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film
  • Cartoon Characters: Romeow, Juliecat, Mondogues, Catulets.
    Characters (Live Action): Catherine Brown, Amber La Vonne, Bob Kirby, R.J. O'Connell, Bill Farris, Mrs. Webster, Andre (Brown Derby Headwaiter), Busboy at Brown Derby, Cashier (Brown Derby), Mr. O'Connell's Assistant, Assistant's Assistant, Manager of Grauman's Chinese, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, Alan Ladd, Barbara Stanwyck, Paulette Goddard, Dorothy Lamour, Sonny Tufts, Joan Caulfield, William Holden, Lizabeth Scott, Burt Lancaster, Gail Russell, Diana Lynn, Sterling Hayden, Robert Preston, Veronica Lake, John Lund, William Bendix, Barry Fitzgerald, Howard Da Silva, Macdonald Carey, Cass Daley, Patric Knowles, Mona Freeman, Billy De Wolfe, Barker, Cecil Kellaway, Virginia Field, Richard Webb, Frank Faylen, Cecil B. DeMille, Mitchell Leisen, Frank Butler, George Marshall, Pearl Bailey (Specialty Singer), Jimmy Mulcay (Harmonica), Mildred Mulcay (Harmonica), Spike Jones (as Spike Jones and His City Slickers), Walter Abel, Autograph Seeker, Makeup Man, Patricia Barry, Sister Jenkins' Daughter, Stanley Clements, Special Voice Impersonation, Johnny Coy, Sister Jenkins, Roger Dann, Barney Dean, Cop, Hairdresser, Girl with Sheepdog, Mary Edwards, June Harris, Wanda Hendrix, Assistant Director, Juggler, Dog Trainer, Director of the Variety Club, Proprietress, Director, Drunken Tumbling Act, Nanette Parks, Mikhail Rasumny, Sally Rawlinson, Paula Raymond, George Reeves, Masseur, Andra Verne, Virginia Welles, Arleen Whelan, Girls, The Six DeWaynes (Fay Alexander, Ted DeWayne, Audrey Saunders, Ray Saunders, Russell Saunders, William E. Snyder), Men at Steambath, Boys, Specialty Dancers, Boys at Grauman's, Usherettes, Secretaries.
  • Vocal Talent: Pinto Colvig (Romeow), Mary Hatcher (Julicat), Chorus.
    Vocal Talent, Live Action: Mary Hatcher (Catherine Brown), Olga San Juan (Amber La Vonne), DeForest Kelley (Bob Kirby), Frank Ferguson (R.J. O'Connell), Glenn Tryon (Bill Farris), Nella Walker (Mrs. Webster), Torben Meyer (Andre [Brown Derby Headwaiter]), Jack Norton (Busboy at Brown Derby), Elaine Riley (Cashier [Brown Derby]), Charles Victor (Mr. O'Connell's Assistant), Gus Taute (Assistant's Assistant), Harry Hayden (Manager of Grauman's Chinese), Bing Crosby (Himself), Bob Hope (Himself), Gary Cooper (Himself), Ray Milland (Himself), Alan Ladd (Himself), Barbara Stanwyck (Herself), Paulette Goddard (Herself), Dorothy Lamour (Herself), Sonny Tufts (Himself), Joan Caulfield (Herself), William Holden (Himself), Lizabeth Scott (Herself), Burt Lancaster (Himself), Gail Russell (Herself), Diana Lynn (Herself), Sterling Hayden (Himself), Robert Preston (Himself), Veronica Lake (Herself), John Lund (Himself), William Bendix (Himself), Barry Fitzgerald (Himself), Howard Da Silva (Himself), Macdonald Carey (Himself), Cass Daley (Herself), Patric Knowles (Himself), Mona Freeman (Herself), Billy De Wolfe (Himself), William Demarest (Barker), Cecil Kellaway (Himself), Virginia Field (Herself), Richard Webb (Himself), Frank Faylen (Himself), Cecil B. DeMille (Himself), Mitchell Leisen (Himself), Frank Butler (Himself), George Marshall (Himself), Pearl Bailey (Herself [Specialty Singer]), Jimmy Mulcay (Himself [Harmonica]), Mildred Mulcay (Herself [Harmonica]), Spike Jones (as Spike Jones and His City Slickers) (Himself), The Six DeWaynes (Themselves), Walter Abel (Himself), Bob Alden (Autograph Seeker), Eric Alden (Makeup Man), Fay Alexander (Himself [Member, The Six DeWaynes]), Larry Badagliacca (Boy at Grauman's), Lucille Barkley (Secretary), Patricia Barry (Herself), Mildred Boyd (Sister Jenkins' Daughter), Carolyn Butler (Secretary), Stanley Clements (Himself), Charles Coleman (Man at Steambath), Pinto Colvig (Special Voice Impersonation), Johnny Coy (Himself), Catherine Craig (Secretary), Willa Pearl Curtis (Sister Jenkins), Roger Dann (Himself), Hal K. Dawson (Man at Steambath), Barney Dean (Himself), Edgar Dearing (Cop), Ted DeWayne (Himself [Member, The Six DeWaynes]), Ann Doran (Hairdresser), Wallace Earl (Girl with Sheepdog), Mary Edwards (Herself), Lee Emery (Usherette), Eddie Fetherston (Man at Steambath), Joel Friend (Specialty Dancer), Marilyn Gray (Usherette), June Harris (Herself), Wanda Hendrix (Herself), Len Hendry (Man at Steambath), Russell Hicks (Man at Steambath), Jerry James (Assistant Director), Duke Johnson (Juggler), Roberta Jonay (Girl #2), Warren Joslin (Boy), Richard Keene (Dog Trainer), Raymond Largay (Director of the Variety Club), Alma Macrorie (Proprietress), Frank Mayo (Director), Pat Moran (Drunken Tumbling Act), Nanette Parks (Herself), Lorin Raker (Man at Steambath), Renee Randall (Usherette), Mikhail Rasumny (Himself), Sally Rawlinson (Herself), Paula Raymond (Herself), George Reeves (Himself), Douglas Regan (Boy), Al Ruiz (Specialty Dancer), Audrey Saunders (Herself [Member, The Six DeWaynes]), Ray Saunders (Himself [Member, The Six DeWaynes]), Russell Saunders (Himself [Member, The Six DeWaynes]), William E. Snyder (Himself [Member, The Six DeWaynes]), Sammy Stein (Masseur), Pat Templeton (Boy at Grauman's), Janet Thomas (Girl #1), Andra Verne (Herself), Virginia Welles (Herself), Arleen Whelan (Herself), Crane Whitley (Man at Steambath), Mavis Murray.
  • Directed By George Marshall.
    Assistant Director: George Templeton.
  • Produced By Daniel Dare.
  • Animated By Wah Chang, Gene Warren.
  • Written By Monte Brice, Edmund L. Hartmann, Frank Tashlin, Robert L. Welch.
  • Edited By LeRoy Stone.

  • Animators (Puppetoon Sequence): Wah Chang, Gene Warren.
  • Background Artist (Puppetoon Sequence): Reginald Massie.
  • Puppetoon Sequence: William Cottrell, T. Hee (as Thornton Hee), George Pal.
  • Art Direction: Robert Clatworthy, Hans Dreier.
  • Set Decoration: Sam Comer, Ross Dowd.
  • Costume Design: Waldo Angelo, Edith Head, Dorothy O'Hara.
  • Makeup Artist: Wally Westmore.
  • Camera: Lionel Lindon, Stuart Thompson.
  • Sound: John Cope, Gene Merritt.
  • Music: Joseph J. Lilley.
  • Musical Director: Joseph J. Lilley.
  • Music Associate: Troy Sanders.
  • Composer (Puppetoon Sequence): Edward H. Plumb.
  • Special Musical Arrangements: N. Van Cleave.
  • Orchestrator: Charles Bradshaw.
  • Process Photography: Farciot Edouart.
  • Special Photographic Effects: Gordon Jennings.
  • Choreographers: Billy Daniel, Bernard Pearce.

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