My Reviews (1 review)

My Reviews (1 review)

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Magical girl anime courtesy of Shotaro Ishinomori 8 out of 5 stars

Charles Brubaker

Reviewed by: cbrubaker, May 22, 2007

This was a cute series based on a manga by Shotaro Ishinomori.

Shame the series was canceled unexpectedly. Unfortunately, because of that, the series had no ending. (the last episode featured an American version of Ecchan wanting to see Mt. Fuji).

The manga version had an ending, though (Ecchan basically just floated away to the sky...yeah, depressing) but because there are WAY too many differences in the manga and the anime version, it's safe to say that the manga and the anime version are not canon, thus, the ending would've been different.

Oh well. The series is worth looking into if you can find it.
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