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My Reviews (1 review)

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White Elephant 4 out of 5 stars

No Jodie Foster Voice? An Early Episode.

Reviewed by: richardjf, October 25, 2003

Anne Chan, the tomboy, would be recast with Jodie Foster doing her voice. Clearly this isn't Foster in this episode, so this must be an early show.
Whatever it may be, the animation seems better as well than it was in other episodes, especially in running sequences or movement from one side to the other.
Early on, all the kids are running from an elephant stampede and that is a rare sight. Later, the four middle kids are walking full figured and it is a unique shot as well.
There seems to be a bit more focus on the middle kids in this episode also. The story deals with the rare white elephant being stolen.
One very amusing moment when Henry and Stanley are obviously in a passenger plane, whether public or private, and they zoom down to get a better look at a figure on an elephant.
Flip has a funny comment on the multi-armed goddess, Kali, declaring she would be perfect at a check-out counter.
Not as charming as Josie and the PUssycats middle Eastern adventures, that's for sure.
At the end, we are given one of their songs "I've Got the Goods on You" and it isn't a winner.
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