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My Reviews (1 review)

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The Bronze Idol 8 out of 5 stars

Flip and Dance!

Reviewed by: richardjf, August 13, 2003

Someone is stealing the pearls offered to the idol. Is it the store manager? No, he has moth balls.
Doesn't the figure some of the kids encounter in the forest sound alot like Tundro from the Herculoids?
And when did all the older kids meet up inside the idol? Stanley and Henry were diving, but Alan, Jay, Anne and Suzie were floating in those barrels.
As it is, the amusing point was when one of the boys in the idol called out to the other kids through the radio communication the bad guy was using to speak as the idol.
"Flip! Flip! Nance! Nance!"
The idol guard thought he was being istructed to flip and dance.
And again we are subjected to the most forgettable songs to come from a seventies cartoon. These songs are worse than Jabber Jaw's offerings.
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