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What Is That Open Tomb for? 10 out of 5 stars

Oh What Joy!

Reviewed by: immanuel6, May 13, 2007

Happy Easter

Davey and Goliath go to visit Grandma and Grandpa before Easter. Davey loves his Grandma so much. She bakes cakes for him and plays baseball with him. Even when Davey broke the window to the attic while playing baseball with Grandma, she didn’t even get angry. Grandma and Davey repaired the window together.

Davey, Goliath and Grandma played all day. In the attic, Grandma and Davey listened to records that she liked as a little girl. Davey and Grandma were like best pals and Grandma said that Easter is the best holiday of the year. Grandma even made a present for Davey for Easter. Davey and Grandma made plans for Saturday. Grandma promised to come to Davey’s baseball game on Saturday since they would be going to Sunrise Easter services together. Since Davey was going to play baseball with his team on Saturday, Grandma sewed a “J” on Davey’s jersey. Grandma even taught Davey how to catch the baseball. Grandma, Davey and Goliath had so much fun together.

One day, as Davey and Goliath were coming back home from baseball practice, Davey comes home to see Sally crying. Mom and Dad are upset also. Davey automatically gets defensive and tells his Dad that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Dad and Mom have to tell Davey something very sad. Mom tells Davey that Grandma has died. Davey is so hurt that he starts to cry.
He just can’t believe that his best pal is gone. Davey misses Grandma so much. Good Friday comes and goes. Davey is still mourning his Grandma.

It’s Saturday, the day of Davey’s big game but, Davey is still so upset that he can’t concentrate. The game begins. Davey is on first base, but he is so distracted that he misses the baseball as it comes to him. Teddy tells Davey to pay attention and Davey apologizes. Somehow, Davey still can’t get it together, his timing is off and he misses another ball that is being thrown to first base. The coach decides to pull Davey out for a while, but Davey decides to just go home.

While at home, Dad sees that Davey is still mourning over the loss of Grandma. Dad tells Davey that he wants to take him somewhere. Dad and Davey go to the park where the Sunrise services will be tomorrow. At the park, the actors are there rehearsing for tomorrow’s services. Dad and Davey sit up on the park benches watching. Dad tells Davey to look at the actors. The actors are now at the scene of searching for the body of Jesus Christ. They encounter the “Angel” who tells them that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. Oh what joy!

As Dad and Davey watch this scene, Dad explains to Davey that just like the tomb of Jesus Christ is empty because He is up in heaven, Grandma is also up in heaven with Jesus Christ. This automatically gives Davey comfort. Davey now realize that he will see Grandma again and that death is nothing to be afraid of. Davey tells Dad that now he understands. Grandma is alive with Jesus Christ. Easter isn’t just about pretty Easter eggs but about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and because of what Jesus has done, Grandma will be resurrected too. This will be a Happy Easter!
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