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My Reviews (1 review)

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Popeye and the Giant 2 out of 5 stars

God Awful!!

Reviewed by: MDeMeo, January 07, 2003

This mess is the worst of all the Popeye
TV cartoons (though a few others come close). Not only are we subjected to the
inserting of stock footage from previous Kinney produced cartoons (Brutus laughing at the window, Popeye walking down the street, Brutus reading the paper) but the
original animation is crap! This cartoon
was directed by Hugh Fraiser. Fraiser's
name is credited to the majority of the Popeye stinkers. Where was Jack Kinney in all of this? Granted the cartoons had
a limited budget but this one is trash!
Popeye gives Wimpy "essence of spinach" and "essence of hamburger" to stop his
growing using the same animated sequence?
At the conclusion, Popeye's gums are flapping while Wimpy is jabbering.
In truth, as a kid, I didn't notice how bad this was but today............
only if you want to torture someone, have
them sit through "Popeye and the Giant".
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