My Reviews (1 review)

My Reviews (1 review)

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Triplet Trouble 8 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: votebush2004, February 21, 2004

This is a decent episode. The episode states when mammy-two-shoes get three kittens. The kittens soon try to blow her up but tom stops it and gets blamed. Both Tom and Jerry are beaten up by the kittens and eventully thrown outside where they team up. Tom flies around on a home-made plane and drops a pies and a watermelon on the kittens. The he captures them in the plane and flies outside and drops them. The 3 kittens land of a clothsline where Jerry is waiting to spank them. Tom laughs then cuts out angels outfits for them. Them mammy returns home and looks outside and gasps at the sight of the kittens in angel outfits and bright red butts.
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