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My Reviews (2 reviews)

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I Haven't Got A Hat 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: damfine, October 07, 2004

Well, the debut cartoon of any character is always a huge step in his career. However, in order to fully explain this particular toon's greatness, I must first give a brief overview of what happened slightly before.
After both Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising took Bosko over to MGM, Leon Sleischinger hired some ex-Disney directors Tom Palmer, Earl Duvall, and Jack King to help him out. Their bright idea was to put all their faith in a Bosko clone named Buddy. This new character certainly didn't make any other studios nervous. In fact, Buddy is considered one of the worst cartoon characters ever made. (Their other alterior motive was to "Disnify" the Warner Bros. studio, a despicible crime that even the most benevolent angels of mercy can absolve them from.)
Needless to say, Tom and Earl were sacked immediately (Jack King stuck around for some reason). Leon then left it up to Friz Freleng to create a new character to replace Buddy. Now, Freleng was no dummy. He knew that just creating another Mickey Mouse clone and then over-promoting it would not be the best idea (this was a mistake that pretty much every other studio was making at the time). So, Friz and his crew decided to make a cartoon with a bunch of characters and see which one the audience likes the best.
The result was this cartoon. The set-up is ingenius. On the surface it's just a school recital inwhich each character has a turn doing something in front of the class. However, it's really an audition and the theatre audience is the judge. It was sort of their version of Toon Idol if you will. However, even Simon has to agree that of all the performances Porky's was the best. His recitation of both "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" and "The Charge of the Light Brigade" were instant classics. Although, the staff back then were hoping that another character in that cartoon would win the audience's affection. They preferred the cat named Beans because he was a bad boy that took out the trash. Not only that, they felt that Porky was just a retread of the Mickey Mouse which is something they hoped to avoid. But, Porky was the clear winner so what could they do.
(Not to worry though. It wouldn't be long before they did find the bad boy character to break the mold and revolutionize animation. However, those that are familiar with the Warner toons know this answer already).
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I Haven't Got A Hat 10 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: SNOWSTAR, December 22, 2002

This is a real classic! The funniest moment is when Porky Pig, in his first appearance, stutters through his hiarois rendition of "The Charge Of The Light Brigade!" I couldn't stop laughing! His speech was funny! His stuttering and sweating to his speech going was too hillarious! This is a FUNNYBONE CLASSIC!
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