My Reviews (3 reviews)

My Reviews (3 reviews)

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Should be mandatory viewing for kids of all ages! 10 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: jupitr2, February 01, 2009

I wasn't a regular viewer of the 'ABC Afterschool Specials' but I was a cartoon fanatic and loved to watch most of what Hanna-Barbera studios produced for Saturday mornings. Back then, (before there was a 'Cartoon Network'!) Saturday morning was the only time when cartoons RULED and it was a highly anticipated event for many kids at that time. So, as a curious 12-year-old, when I heard that this 'cartoon' was airing as an 'ABC Afterschool Special' that afternoon in October 1972, I made sure I tuned in to watch.

To say, that after over 35 years, this cartoon has made a lasting impression on me would be an understatement. The fact that I even remember the lesson learned and how I felt about it for days afterward is a true testament to the quality of this production. Keep in mind that this isn't your standard cartoon with goofy characters involved in brainless antics or superheroes saving another day. This is a superbly animated feature that presents a story about life, and is so well written that it masterfully draws the viewer into the story. Though, unlike with most cartoons, expect to walk away from this one with the astonishment of a lesson learned. After all, THIS is what the Afterschool Specials were all about. With 'The Last of the Curlews', what might seem insensitive to the viewer, in it's own way, touches a nerve as it tells a story about our own insensitivity to the world and our environment. It was because of this amazing production that Hanna-Barbera won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Children's Programming.

In 1991, I had the extreme pleasure to meet Bill Hanna and briefly spoke with him. It was an opportunity that I will remember for the rest of my life as his work represents much about my childhood growing up in the 60's and early 70's.

In 1997, I enjoyed a chance meeting with another Hanna-Barbera legend, Iwao Takamoto, who wore several hats at Hanna-Barbera throughout his career. He was Animator, Director and was the character designer of many of Hanna-Barbera's cartoon characters, one of which is Scooby-Doo. Prior to working for Hanna-Barbera, he worked as an animator on many Disney movies including 'Lady and the Tramp', 'Cinderella' and 'Sleeping Beauty'. This was a visit that I hold dear as well and, in a way, completed a circle for me. Throughout Mr. Takamoto's illustrious career, he's probably been asked, "Who is your favorite cartoon character?" a zillion times. So, as a huge Hanna-Barbera fan, I wanted to ask him something that might provide a bit more of 'who' Iwao was. So, I asked, "What has been your proudest moment during your career as an animator?" He looked away, paused for a moment, looked back at me and said with his warm smile, "Winning an Emmy Award for an 'ABC Afterschool Special'... 'The Last of the Curlews'."

I can tell you that my heart swelled a bit and my eyes teared when I heard him say that. It actually took me by surprise as, up until that very day, it seemed that no one had even acknowledged that this feature even existed! Now, here it was 25 years later, and I was talking to one of history's animation greats who helped create something that I had not seen since, yet it's message still ripples through me to this day.

In closing, I feel that this production should be mandatory viewing for kids of all ages. It's THAT good! I only hope that Warner Bros. (now owner of the vast H-B library) will make it available on DVD soon so that other generations can learn from it as well.

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The Last of the Curlews 10 out of 5 stars

Very Profound and Moving

Reviewed by: pjegler, April 08, 2003

I will remember "The Last of the Curlews" Afterschool Special for the rest of my life. I remember watching it when it debuted in the early 1970s. I was about 10 years old. I was deeply moved and saddened by the plight of the birds. That may sound like an exaggeration, but it isn't. I am 39 years old now. I have seen many excellent and moving movies in my life, but none of them have touched me as deeply as "The Last of the Curlews". I have tried to support wildlife conservation during my entire life. I am sure that the concern that I have for wildlife today stems at least in part from the lessons that I learned from "The Last of the Curlews". Sadly, this show doesn't seem to be available on video at all.
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The Last of the Curlews 10 out of 5 stars

life changing

Reviewed by: danwr, January 08, 2003

It is a shame that this fine "movie" doesn't have any reviews. I clearly remember back in 1972 watching the "Last of the Curlews" on tv after school.

The story of human's impact on the natural world was very moving. The images and message from this show stayed with me for years (i think it had some say in what i do for a living). Many years later I discovered that this cartoon was based on an excellent book.

I can't rate this highly enough for the importnat message that is even more valid today, we as humans must understand the impacts our action have on other creatures.
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