My Reviews (1 review)

My Reviews (1 review)

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Fleas Release Me 8 out of 5 stars

Great One

Reviewed by: Dike, June 05, 2003

This is a good one. There is a werewolf (a good one on that side. Not a guy with a bad hair, piggy nose, long finger nails, and fur on the feet and hands werewolf in the old moves.) In Riverdale. So Archie goes to make out to a "Make-Out-Point" like place to do an Investigate/ double date with Betty and Veronica. (Which Jughead did the math "1 girl + 1 more girl = 3 missing teeth”) Then, during a struggle in Archie's cramp car, when a werewolf in a Riverdale Jacket jump on to the hood. The three scared teenagers but the metal to the metal to Pop's. Veronica hided under a table, Archie raced to his laptop, and Betty told everyone the soda bar in not so clearstory of what happen. Then Reggie showed up with a wolf mask and gloves and said he did it. The girls went from scared to angry and then blame Archie and walk out. When Archie went to the girls' houses to say sorry (a little suggestion from Reggie as another prank) Archie got the boot. Then at school, everyone (and that involves the teachers too!) was chewing up Archie about Reggie's wolf joke last night. But the joke stops when a police man told Reggie that there was a wild wolf like animal on the loose and started think he was the wolf creature as a prank and put Reggie to a jail cell for questions, which Archie vowed against Reggie for pay back but then soon Archie and Jughead to see and old man who raises wolves to see they can find some clues. But they’re soon chased by his Dog-wolf breed. The old man save the two teens and told them that a werewolf needs three things to turn into a werewolf and how to cancel off the effect. A wolf-bite, a pentagram, and a full moon and to stop, something sliver to counter act the full moon. Later that night, I think Archie is a WereReggie because he plans to play a prank a Betty and Veronica to like him again. The plan was for Jughead in a wolf mask and gloves to scare the girls and Archie would scare him off. But instead they ran into the real werewolf that was running around the town. He wore a Riverdale jacket just like Reggie’s and the werewolf’s transformation was wicked cool I might add. The werewolf chased the three and Jughead (who was late because he lost the mask and gloves) but luckily escape thanks to Archie’s car. The next day (the day of the last full moon season) Reggie got back from jail last night. Archie and Jughead notice that Reggie was the same height as the werewolf and that both he and the werewolf wore the same jacket. When they ask when Reggie got home, he said he got a headache and went to bed. And when they ask him how he jacket got torn on the sleeve, when the werewolf transformed, Reggie said he found the jacket on his porch. They all agreed that Reggie could have been the werewolf and that there could only be one thing to see if he is without hurting any one, put in jail again until the next morning. At the soda bar, Archie and Jughead just remembered that Reggie is missing two thing become a werewolf, a bite and a pentagram. Jughead ask what is it and Archie said it has five points, like a policeman’ badge! At the jail cell Reggie notice that the policeman was bandaging a wound on his hand, he said it was a bite from that old man’s dog. Then the full moon appears and the man turn into the werewolf right before Reggie’s. And his strength was strong as well; the werewolf almost tore the entire jail cell’s bars off with a couple of pulls. But Archie and Jughead show up. Archie got around the werewolf to put on sliver necklace, which got from Veronica (before Betty joined up) from the day when Reggie scared them, around his neck the man turned back to normal and Archie advise that he should wear sliver for every full moon to counter its effects. When the boy went to Pop’s, Reggie was taking all the credit of the werewolf business. Archie started to regret to save Reggie but Jughead told him that he save him because he was at a higher level then Reggie. And it paid off; Betty and Veronica forgive Archie after trying saving when the real werewolf was attacking them the other night. Leaving Reggie jealous and he is also left with Jughead’s comment: Wolf Boy. LOL
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