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My Reviews (1 review)

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Solar Snoops 10 out of 5 stars

My favorite Jetsons episode

Reviewed by: Shakii, April 14, 2006

Solar Snoops
The episode first starts out when spacely and george are checking out the cargo. Spacely finds a box that says " send to Cogswell Cogs" George insists to send it to them , but Spacely decides to keep it . They check the box and find a mechanincal security dog . Spacely and George leave. But they didn't know inside the dog was Cogswells spy Galatic Snake. Galactic Snake was sent to take pictures of spacely's chocolate micro chip. About lunch time Elroy was coming by to greet George and he saw Galactic Snake out of the mechanical dog flirting with a female worker . Elroy immediatly went to tell Spacely and George. Spacely just laughed and showed Elroy the dog on his surveillance camera. " He's such a good dog " said Spacely. Then the dog sent some kind of magnetic beam and got the chocolate microchip and flew off . Spacely went berserk , George insisted he'd get out of the way and read the ads . While George was reading an ad he found something that interested him " Executive Secretary Cogswell Cogs Must be Gorgeous." Spacely wanted him to read it again and he did . Spacely got a perfect idea . He'd hire the most gorgeous girl in the galaxy to work as a spy at Cogswell Cogs "Georgina Jetscream" George went " She doesn't exist there's no girl named (gasp) Georgina Jetscream! Who could Spacely trust more than George I mean Georgina! George said he'd pass . Spacely grabbed George's key to the room . Spacely gave him a warning "Either you are a working female at Cogswell Cogs or an unemployed male at home!"
The next day Judy and Jane are saying you can always change your mind. Astro is laughing very hard . " A woman is always entitled to change her mind " The screen shifts to George " Whoever says that doesn't know Mr.Spacely. George is dressed up as a gorgeous woman with a high heels, a heart belt, and a cute white dress. George makes quite the woman! Rosie says with a voice like that it 'll be impossible so Jane gives him a voice cassette with her voice so It'll sound like Jane is talking . Georgina then sets off to Cogswell's cogs. During the interview with Cogswell the tape recorder malfunctions . George begins to worry . Luckily it goes back to normal . Cogswell accepts "Georgina" . Georgina repeatedly presses the button for the tape recorder which is located in the belt . Later that day Cogswell and Galatic Snake are having a conversation over the phone . Georgina listens thru the phone interferer . They were talking about selling the chocolate microchip at a fancy restaraunt . Georgina calls Mr.Spacely to get some tips . 1. Turn the tape recorder off and talk like a real man . George tells him about the restaraunt and how he could get invited . Spacely just said " what's the matter with you haven't you been a seductive woman before ?! Use your sex appeal !!" Georgina With a mirror and a comb gently said " I'll try but it's my first date . Cogswell is getting ready to leave , but before he could Georgina comes by and seduces him . Astro out of nowhere senses danger and jumps into the trunk . They arrive at the restaraunt. Cogswell gets a table reserved for 3 . While sitting down Georgina shows a surprised and confused expression . It was galactic snake . He was literally on her leg . Georgina immediatly spots the chocolate microchip and wants to dance with the short guy . During dancing Georgina plucks the chocolate microchip with no place to put it she puts it in her mouth . That corrupts the tape recorder and George's voice is back . Cogswell's wife appears with a friend! Cogswell not knowing pushes galatic snake and dances with George. His wife see's and asked why is Georgina dancing with him. George with is normal voice said a few words . The wife flips George and he hits a punch bowl . Astro tries to help but accidently pulls off the wig . They immediatly recognize George and chase after him. THe mechanical dog is also chasing . George has an idea give astro the wig,tape recorder, and clothes to fool the dog . It works . The next day proud Spacely asked how George hid the microchip . George put it in his mouth then spacely pat him on his back making George swallow it . The episode ends with George having to stay over time and a machine connected to his stomach.
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