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My Reviews (1 review)

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Wild Elephinks 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: G.B., July 03, 2002

Another very un-PC Popeye cartoon as Popeye beats up and kills wild animals throughout the whole film. Large wild animals have never fared very well in most Popeye cartoons, but in Popeye's early tough guy films, they didn't even have a chance. Most of the animals receive a fatal post-spinach punch which turns them into fur coats for Olive Oyl. The elephant gets tossed into the air and sinks a whole island which appeared to be inhabited, a moose is turned into a trophy head, and the gorilla gets turned into a costume-like skin which will ultimately get Popeye into trouble with Olive Oyl. The only animals which seemed to get spared Popeye's wrath were the small monkeys and a giraffe(And even the giraffe gets his neck used for a bridge). In all fairness, Popeye only acted in self defense, but large animals never seemed to be able to survive his beatings the way Bluto could. Go figure. (All color copies of this cartoon should be destroyed on sight).

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