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Bimbo's Initiation

Bimbo's Initiation

Bimbo's Initiation (1931) - Talkartoons Theatrical Cartoon Series Bimbo's Initiation

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My Reviews (1 review)

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Bimbo's Initiation 8 out of 5 stars

Very Interesting.

Reviewed by: Karl_Dan, October 22, 2003

Happy go lucky Bimbo is whistling down a city street. He falls into an open manhole cover and is locked in by Mickey Mouse (!), obviously a swipe at Walt Disney. He falls into the clubhouse of horrors run by the members of "Do it or die". The are pretty scary, very fat, dark and hairy. They have boards with nails in them, and candles on their heads. They ask Bimbo "Wanna be a member?" and he replies no!
He then is trapped in this house of horrors, with various horrific things happening to him.
Periodically the fraternity asks Bimbo if he wants to be a member, again he answers no! He is moved to a set of mystery doors, one of which opens on a skeleton on the phone, who says "Hello May? I got a bone to pick with you!." After more frights, a door opens and Betty becons him inside. Bimbo likes what he sees, saying "What a pippen!." Finally making it through the doors he runs down a hall of horror. (This is the scene Steven Spielberg, a huge Fleischer fan, included in "Twilight Zone the movie") He ends up in front of the leader of the order, and says no! The leader throws off her robes and mask, and it is Betty! She does a very suggestive dance with butt-slapping, which Bimbo appreciates. "Wanna be a member?" she sings, and Bimbo this time readily agrees. The wall opens and all the members throw off their disguises, and they are all Bettys. Betty and Bimbo dance, and slap each other's butts (!), and Betty ends up in Bimbo's arms as the cartoon ends.
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