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My Reviews (1 review)

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Mickey's Polo Team 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Nostalgia Kid, March 15, 2002

Again.Another forgetable movie cartoon.that simply shows The Hollywood Elite being saterized by Mr.Disney's artists.The film..which should have been a hilarious spoof of Celebrity sporting events.With both Mr.Disney's cartoon characters going up against such well known individuals as L&H.Harpo Marx,Clark Gable,Jack Holt,and even Spencer Tracy(He wasn't even included in this cartoon and he should have been? Because Mr.Tracy was also an advid polo player and He played alot of Polo with Mr.Disney)Can You imagine the kind of funny fracus that "Donald Duck"could create for Gable,Tracy,Jimmy Cagney,Bogart,Carole Lombard etc? That would have been funny? And "Donald","Goofy"and "Mickey"playing against "The Three Stooges"or "The Three Marx"and "Ritz Brothers"(Not just Harpo?)My God! You'd have a funny cartoon.But the film simply spoofs the quirks of L&H,Harpo,Gable,Fields and one funny Scene.Where Ms.Temple and "The Three Little Pigs"give "The Big bad Wolf"a noisey Bronx NY Jeer.Which turns into a windy reasponse from our Wolfie foe.Which in turn has Ms.Temple and "The Three Little Pigs"giving 1930's Movie goers a shot at their best sides.Otherwise."Mickey's Polo Team!"is another waisted effort.Nostalgia Kid
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