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My Reviews (1 review)

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Fury, Part 2 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: lymang, April 15, 2002

In this second of two parts, it is revealed that Aresia has released a allergen that targets men (and apparently alien men too, as both Supes and Martian Manhunter fall prey). She intends to wipe all men off the face of the earth, and has started with just the city. Thankfully, the women of the city, including Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman, are ready and waiting to shoulder the responsibilities required. Meanwhile, Aresia continues to plot how she will spread this deadly allergen. It is revealed over time that Aresia is not truly of Amazonian birth, but was raised by them and "magically endowed with Amazonian strength." I am unsure of exactly how it is that Wonder Woman can fly, but none of the others (her mother, Aresia, etc) can. Nevertheless, with the aid of two of the villainous gang, Aresia's plans near completion and she prepares to release the allergen at strategic points over the earth's atmosphere. Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, and to some degree WW's mom (whose name escapes me at this very moment) thwart Aresia's plans in a fairly exciting climax during which Aresia's minions are eliminated or abandon her. Aresia plunges to her apparent doom as the plane explodes and crashes into the ocean. I do not know if we've seen the last of Aresia or not. Wonder Woman has begun (as a result of this) to re-assess her view of the world, and of men. Hawkgirl points out that Aresia was simply carrying out the logical extension of the Amazonian point of view, and that it's actually quite prejudiced. Wonder Woman seems to take this to heart, and think very hard about it. We will see where it takes her as far as character development goes, but I look forward to it.
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