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My Reviews (1 review)

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The Chicken from Outer Space 8 out of 5 stars

Great for a so-called Pilot episode, but, its not

Reviewed by: donkeykong67, March 01, 2004

OK, why I said that this is not like other Courage cartoons is because, ah, I'll tell you now.
1. The carachters all have the same voice actor (a different one)
2. Courage is the only one who has dialouge in this episode. Eustuace only laughs (when hes a chicken, what an idiot) and Muriel only screams (when Eustuace turns into a chicken), and, the outer space chicken doesnt talk. And, Courage makes noises, but, the only thing he says is "This shouldn't happen to a dog" like he was a mature grown man.
Anywayz, this was a good episode, despite the flaws and diffrences.
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