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South Park Jeasus v. Santa Episode

Reviewed by: Staplehater, August 09, 2006

This 'pilot' episode, which is more correctly a sort of animated Christmas card, is the spore from which the series of television and feature film South Park episodes were born. This episode was not released for distribution, but did introduce the concept to distributors, a sample of what could be. The South Park cartoons are designed to push the humor boundaries of the viewer. The co-creators, Matt Stone and Tray Parker, are very funny, although very twisted.

The 'Spirit of Christmas' seven minute episode is a hilariously profane Christmas moral play. Opening with the boys at the bus stop, innocently signing a Christmas carol, and the misconceptions of youth interrupt when they remember one of them is Jewish. And the highly twisted comedy of Stone and Parker start to push the humor tolerance to the edge.

As the boys fling racial and ethnic insults, and ultimately throw down to blows, over the meaning of faith and Christmas, Jesus appears before them, prompting Cartman to insinuate that he has come to kill Kyle for being a Jew. Jesus interrupts the boys as not for that, but to seek retribution from the one who is desecrating the holiday celebrating his birth. This person is at somewhere called, the Mall.

The boys help Jesus find the Mall, and find that Santa is the object of Jesus' anger. Santa and Jesus now throw down and battle with Kung Fu fighting styles, while the boys look on stunned, and go back to their own fighting. Innocent kids waiting to see Santa, and Kenny, are collateral damage as the epic battle rages through the Mall. At one point Jesus and Santa each try to get the boys to pick one over the other. As in the episodes that came later, the boys seem to get the moral of the story, twisted as it may be.

Matt Stone and Tray Parker began with this animated short and developed the themes, prejudice, racism, intolerance, etc., and the humor that can make us laugh at how silly these themes are. This is a skill that they have developed through the projects that followed this first creation.
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