My Reviews (4 reviews)

My Reviews (4 reviews)

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Racism at it's worst 0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Carl, March 09, 2015

Anybody who finds this cartoon to be anything other than wrong and offensive is a racist and xenophobic loser. I don't find anything funny about how the Japanese were treated. I regret finding this cartoon through the Wikipedia pages link that was provided to me.
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Loved this cartoon 5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for posting this cartoon so we could vie

Reviewed by: Anonymous Cartoon Lover, March 09, 2011

I had never seen this cartoon before. In fact, I had never heard about it before today when I was going through the list of WB cartoons to see what I was missing in my collection. I thought I had seen all of the old cartoons but never this one. While I realize it has racial stereotyping issues, it did not generate any bad feelings or racsism when I watched it since I had none to begin with. However, since this is one of the few cartoons which is nearly impossible to obtain or view... that absolute level of censoring is not only a breach of freedoms, but this kind of total censoring actually creates an interest to see it. I agree it should not be broadcast, but to go so far as to totally eliminate it from DVD access is ridiculous and it favors one group's rights over the rights of others and sets dangerous precidents which could cause blanket censorship of thousands of videos where we may end up with 80% of our films censored because someone might think it is offensive to some group. We must remember, this cartoon was not made recently. This is a WWII cartoon when our soldiers had been attacked without warning and since we were at war and our soldiers being killed as the cartoon was being shown in 44... the cartoon was not excessive at THAT time, under those conditions... but yes... it would have been offensive after the end of the war and I do agree it should not be broadcast. However, total censorship and total removal from all DVD media is unacceptable for the reasons I stated above. I am greatful that someone posted the cartoon so I could see it. It was the censorship that brought the cartoon to my attention after I read about it on Wikipedia. It was the censorship that made me want to watch the cartoon. As I said, total censorship favoring one particular group sets a dangerous precident. It should have been included on the DVD sets and the studio should not have kowtowed. The cartoon should not be judged by current standards... but by the standards and situation at the time the cartoon was made. It should be made available with the other WWII cartoon DVD sets... or the censored cartoon DVD set. Not total censorship. This is more of a damage on our rights than it is a damage of stereotyping. Racism is rarely learned from a film. It is learned by the family or friends you associate and spend your time with. No one became a racist from watching a cartoon. If you have no hate in your heart, you will not learn it from a cartoon.
Considering the nasty conditions of the War in the pacific at that time, I think it is really petty for anyone to be complaining about sterotyping of a 1944 cartoon. I have never felt any kind of racism toward any group at any time of my life... but this is the first time I have felt this issue has gone too far when it starts blocking my freedom to watch a 65 year old cartoon. It is likely that the people who were active in censoring this from the DVD were not even alive in 1944.

Again, thank you for posting the cartoon. I would love to have a copy of it for my DVD cartoon collection... I'm trying to collect all WB, all WWII and all of the old cartoons of those 1920-1960 eras.

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Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips 10 out of 5 stars

What's Fair is Fair.

Reviewed by: buzzy, January 03, 2004

I love this cartoon for the amazing "takes" (the stretched frames that create the feeling of rapid motion) used to liven up the sumo wrestler. Bug's geisha character is priceless as well, proving that only Bugs has the "hare" to look downright sexy as a female.
I admit that the caricatures of the Japanese infantry were a little harsh, but...ya know what-? At the time these were being inked onto cells, the Empire was torturing and starving Allied prisoners, using them as slave labor, decapitating them just for fun, and shipping them by the hundreds in inhuman conditions in freighter holds as sacrificial lambs for US submarines. As far as I am concerned, we owe them NO apologies, especially when this cartoon is viewed in its correct context. We have all seen the degrading images of Arabs lately...and the Gentlemen of the Other Side of this "war" are not kindly disposed towards the "Coalition" in THEIR media. Let's all relax and realize that war makes people helpless and angry.
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Bugs Bunny Nips The Nips 10 out of 5 stars

why banned?

Reviewed by: gumba, September 18, 2003

this is part of our history. It should be preserved for our future generations. Bugs Bunny messes with a dumb redneck white guy so why not a Jap aka (nip). People need to watch it and realize that at that piont in time we were at war. What will happen 60 years from now, are we all going to forget 9-11-01. Our Grand fathers would never forget 12-7-41 (pearl harbor.
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