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My Reviews (1 review)

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Humpty Dumpty 8 out of 5 stars

Surprisingly hip!

Reviewed by: wickerman5, May 03, 2003

I think the synopsis overlooks some really great features of this 'toon! Firstly, after a title card that gives the impression this will be just a "cute" fairytale story, there's plenty of slightly offg-color subtlety here. The song that the eggy young couple sing is full of eggplay: I'll meet you in an omellette" someday suggests their "getting it on" together, in case the dominant theme of "spoonin g" in the song was lost on you. The couple "spoon" together literally (in a spoon!) until the bad egg comes around. THe song is fab, and ther's a chorusline of girlie eggs dancing behind them! Best of all, thouigh, is that the 'toon makes fun of the soppy romance conventions of the time by having the damsel get knocked into boiling and come out . . . *hard boiled* -- not scrambled!!! The point is she's tough as nails now and blows right by her ineffectual beau and gives the bad egg a good beating. When the feeble swain falls into the water, he too gets stiffened up a bit and overpowers the BAD egg . . by throwing lighted matches at him until he gets scorched and breaks open revealign a swarm of skunks. Nasty! This is a very "edgy" 'toon, and a real delight. The animation isn't particularly inventive, so it's not a "5."
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