My Reviews (2 reviews)

My Reviews (2 reviews)

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The Man Called Flintstone 4 out of 5 stars

The Movie Called Condescending

Reviewed by: StevenBailey, February 29, 2004

I always remember TV Guide's blurb for this cartoon: "Secret agent movies get a good-natured kidding." Here, "good-natured kidding" means humor on the level of Boffo the Clown at a sub-standard birthday party. Nasty spies get bumped off a moving plane as a throwaway gag, but then we're supposed to care when Fred and Barney are trapped in a rocket that could potentially send them off the planet. And oh, those awful songs--written by the Sherman Bros. at the height of their career after toiling for Mary Poppins. The intended pathos of the song "Teammates" is a little strange when you realize it's being performed by a couple of cavemen. At least Michael Maltese contributed some genuine gags to the "Flintstones" TV series--here, the writing by Harvey Bullock and R.S. Allen merely resembles the cookie-cutter sitcom stuff they later did for "Love, American Style." A very strange one.
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The Man Called Flintstone 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: toonwizz, December 29, 2001

Fred and the gang are back at it again. This film is fun and worth a look if you are a fan of the Flinstones. It is like an extended episode of the show. As far as Hanna-Barbera films go , this is probaly one of the best.
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