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Baby Puss

Baby Puss

Baby Puss (1943) - Tom and Jerry Theatrical Cartoon Series Baby Puss

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My Reviews (5 reviews)

My Reviews (5 reviews)

Cartoon Comments:

Great cartoon! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Anonymous Cartoon Lover, April 23, 2011

I loved this cartoon like how butch purposely made Tom get his diaper wet so he could change it and when he changed it he knocked Tom out so he didn't try to escape and when he woke up he was sat there with a pair of girly rubber pants. Then with a fish in them. I just don't understand why he needed rubber pants. He would be fine wIth just a dry diaper like before.
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Baby Puss 8 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Anonymous Cartoon Lover, March 30, 2011

What attracted me to this cartoon is that Tom is so helpless.
He gets to have a diaper on and booties that are so cute and best of all a baby bonnet. If they had a part 2 i would watch it again and again. The best scene for me was when baby tom was getting his diaper changed by his three ally cat friends. And they put very cute yellow rubber baby pants on tom.
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Baby Puss 5 out of 5 stars

Gracie Cat Lover

Reviewed by: Anonymous Cartoon Lover, December 21, 2010

What attracted me to this cartoon is when jerry is making fun of baby tom and baby tom tries to get jerry in the doll house. Then the little girl comes and says "Baby". She then puts baby tom into his crib and gives him his bottle. Then jerry gets the ally cats to tease Tom as well.
I also liked how this cartoon was so different from the other Tom and Jerry ones. But the part that i really liked is when baby Tom is being ups daisy from Butch. And when they changed his diaper with the rubber pants.
And Tom who is trying not to get his diaper changed, being baby talked to, and getting put into a high chair. i think this is the best one i ever seen, And all my friends liked it to. If they made a second half of this one i would totally watch it again, again, and again.
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POOR BABY INDEED. 10 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: eltigre001, April 26, 2008

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Baby Puss 10 out of 5 stars

The detailed review

Reviewed by: Shadows_glance, January 13, 2007

This Cartoon is great because it was the first cartoon to shift direction. It went a little awey from premise of Tom chase Jerry, and Focuses on Tom versus his friends for a little bit.

The Cartoon startes off with Tom getting yelled at by his owner, a little girl. Tom is dressed in blue baby booties, a pink bonnet, and a white cloth diaper with 2 saftey pins on the sides. Tom is in a nursery surronded by baby toys and equipment. After the little girl pulls Tom from under a dresser, she puts him in a crib, gives him a bottle of milk, and tells him she's going downtown to buy a new girdle and that he is not to get out or she will spank him. After she leaves, Tom throws the covers off of him thinking he has the worst luck in the world. Then Tom notices the bottle of milk. Enjoying the milk, Tom decides to play along and starts to act like a baby. Jerry enters shortly after, only to find Tom acting like a baby. Jerry laughs and runs over to a record player and plays "Rock-a-bye baby" so loud it startles Tom who jumps in the air. Jerry makes fun of Tom by acting like a baby as well and Tom chases Jerry around the nursery.

Jerry leads Tom to a dollhouse were Jerry locks out Tom by locking the door and putting "Measels" on the door. Tom opens the bathroom screen after he sees it close and sees Jerry pretending to bath. Jerry screams and hits Tom with a toy brush. Jerry runs downstairs and leaps into the toy bed only to get right out again when a doll pops out and startles him. Jerry then puts on the doll's clothing and walks out to a surprised Tom who just watches as Jerry trips over his clothes without noticing and shows his tail. Tom steps on Jerry's tail to stop him and tries to grab Jerry but fails as Jerry runs back into the dollhouse. Angry Tom can't stand the dollhouse anymore and takes to his feet. Tom prys open the dollhouse roof thats full of nails. Tom sticks his head in for just a second until he hears "BABY"! Tom drops the roof on his head, but manages to get out unharmed. Tom's owner yells at him more.

After his owner puts him back into his crib, she tells him that if he gets out one time, she will feed him Castor oil. After she leaves Tom almost throws the bottle awey, but he decides to ignore Jerry and focus on his milk. Jerry decides to call for some back up. Jerry goes to the window and calls some alleycats going threw some garbage. Jerry lures the alleycats into the nursery and instead of finding Jerry, they find Tom acting like a baby. The alleycats decide to have some fun with baby Tom and start poking fun of him by singing "Rock-a-bye baby". After being startled by them, Tom gets very angery since they're doing exactly what Jerry did. Tom gets out of his crib and runs over to the alleycats making fun of him. A fatel mistake, Tom would regret this later.

Tom angerly stares into the alleycats eyes only to cower back after 1 "A-Goo". With Tom cowering back, the leader Butch grabs Tom's bonnet laces and pulls, stunning Tom. With Tom stunned, Butch opens Tom's diaper and shoves his head into his diaper, then closes it and pushes Tom back to his crib. Tom pulls his head free and takes cover under his covers. Butch walks over, then "Rock-a-byes" and "Goochie goos" baby Tom. Butch then drinks Tom's milk and places the rubber stopper on his nose. Butch procceds by pulling on the stopper and letting go which snaps back at Tom. Tom then stands up to confront Butch, but Butch calmly blows air into the rubber stopper which inflates Tom's head, then his head deflates as his rubber stopper inflates like a balloon. Butch then pops the stopper which send Tom spinning above his crib, then back in. Butch picks up baby Tom, and gives him "Opps-a-daisys". The first throw is normal other than it's high height. The Second one makes Tom hit the ceiling and come back down only to hit the floor and he bounces back to Butch's hands. The thrid one is a forward pass to the other alleycats which lands him eventually diaper first in a fishbowl. Tom manages to free himself only to see his diaper is really wet. Baby Tom looks over to Butch and company only to be felt like a naughty baby for getting his diaper wet. Tom tries to shake dry his diaper, but the shortest alleycat arrives with a toy stroller which his pulls Tom into and transports him to a changing table.

Tom is launched onto the changing table and knocked out so he dosen't try to avoid his diaper change. Butch puts on a bib (Tom's) and pretends to a doctor prforming surgery. Butch pulls off Tom's old wet diaper and asks for a fresh one. One of the alleycats dresses up like a nurse and hands Butch a fresh diaper, only to have the old one threw at his face. Butch takes the new diaper and then applies Baby Powder and Baby oil. Butch asks for a saftey pin but accidentley pokes it threw Tom's skin. Tom jumps into the air screaming, but is quickly knocked out again. Butch removes the saftey pin with forceps. Then, Butch mounts up Tom's behind and applies a strechey pair of yellow baby rubber pants because Tom's diaper soaked threw. Tom is then put up on the changing table as he regains composer. While he does that, the alleycats throw the fish from the fishbowl, into Tom's yellow baby rubber pants which start off the musical number (see Production notes). During the musical number, Tom gives up and lets Butch and company step all over him, as they squirt milk at him, use his rubber pants as a bass, his head as a drum, and his whiskers as voliens. At the end of the musical number, Tom's owner walks in only to see Tom out of his crib with his diaper changed with friends over. She screams "Baby"! which scares of the alleycats and leaves Tom helpless, hooked onto the changing table by his rubber pants.

Tom is yelled at by the little girl and put into a high chair. Tom tries to refuse the Castor oil the little girl tries to feed him for his punishment. Jerry opens baby Tom's closed mouth by pinching his tail with forceps. Tom swallows the Castor oil and runs to the window to throw-up. Jerry laughs under the high chair unaware that the Castor oil has been knocked over. The Castor oil falls into Jerry's mouth, and he runs to the window with baby Tom to throw-up.

Another reason this Cartoon is great is because Tom tries to avoid the things babies go through in a day. Tom still goes through baby things such as:
1. Drinking a bottle.
2. Being "Rock-a-byed", "Goochie gooed", and "Opps-a-daisyed".
3. Having his diaper changed.
4. Put into a high chair.
5. Throwing-up.
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