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My Reviews (1 review)

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The Wild Thornberrys Movie 10 out of 5 stars

A true classic!

Reviewed by: nichola, April 18, 2003

The wild thornberrys movie is a wonderful movie to watch with your famliy at any age or place there is to be on this planet. This movie is about a 12 year old girl called Eliza thornberry who has escape form broading school to rescure a young cheetah cub which has been stolen by poechers, but along the way she also discovers a plot by which they are planning to kill a herd of elephants with an electric fence, with this eliza has to sacufrice her ablilty to talk to animals and do whatever she can to protect the elephants and recover the cheetah cub from the pocehers, but can she handle one of the biggest tests of her life?

My favorite part of the movie was when Nigel spoke to eliza at night, he sees something in her which many parents try to bond with their child with. He encourrages her that anything is possible if she puts her mind and nner strength to it. He shows a fair intrest in Eliza and shows his love and affection to her, even when she leaves in the morining. Nigel puts her seat belt on for her and holds her hand, it's a real treat to spend time with your dad or daughter when watching this.
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