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My Reviews (1 review)

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It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown 10 out of 5 stars

Charlie Brown AKA Ladies' Man

Reviewed by: Animation_Celebration, November 29, 2002

You'd think that ole Charlie Brown would get a break sooner or later. I mean you can't stay down ALL the time can ya? There just has to be a bit of fortune in store for America's favorite roundheaded kid. In It's Your First Kiss, we will be happy to see that there is.
The school homecoming game is coming up. Peppermint Patty leads Charlie Brown and the rest of the players against a visiting squad. The cartoon wonderfully exhibits the hard-hitting game for what it is. There are scenes with no audio to show just how intense and crucial the contest is! Peppermint Patty bowls her way through the defensive line, Franklin takes down the opposing runningbacks, and Pig Pen catches touchdowns under the cover of his own smokescreeen. However, Charlie Brown's task of minding the kicking duties brings the team down as he gets one of his punts blocked and misses the game winning kick (thanks to Lucy). A dejected Charlie Brown must now look forward to the homecoming dance that will take place later that night. To his surprise (and ours!), he is to escort the homecoming queen, Heather (little red haired girl), to the homecoming ceremony! I cheered. With some advice on proper etiquette from Linus, Charlie Brown nervously awaits the moment at which Heather will come to him for a walk to the dance floor. This is so amusing seeing how nervous Charlie Brown is. After escorting Heather to the dance floor, he must follow the customary tradition of planting a kiss on her cheek. Oh goody! I won't spoil the remaining scenes, but it's nice to see Charlie Brown get a break... especially with the girl of his dreams! Excellent cartoon!
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