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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins 4 out of 5 stars

The buzz on this one isn't too great

Reviewed by: StevenBailey, February 29, 2004

<b>Toy Story 2</b> was initially planned as a direct-to-video release, and I immediately imagined a typically cheesy, Disney-direct-to-video sequel along the lines of <b>Lion King 2</b>. Happily, it went the theatrical route and became one of the best sequels ever. But since Disney is eager to fulfill the public's fantasies, we now have <b>Buzz Lightyear of Star Command</b>, a typically cheesy, Disney-direct-to-video sequel.
All of the Toy Story characters make computer-animated cameos at the start of the video (though Woody is voiced by Tom Hanks's brother Jim), and this intro is far more interesting to look at than anything which follows. It turns out that Buzz's space adventures are just as egocentrically boring as we'd imagined them to be. The story is a typical <b>Star Wars</b> rip-off (the pay-off in one scene is even stolen from <b>The Empire Strikes Back</b>), with Buzz fighting supervillian Zurg (from <b>Toy Story 2</b>) and learning that a woman can actually serve as his partner (whew, now <i>that's</i> all cleared up!). The story also makes much out of some very trivial supporting characters, including a gargantuan janitor named Booster.
Buzz's <b>Toy Story</b> vet Tim Allen returns as the voice of Buzz (which he didn't do in the ABC Saturday-morning series, for which this was obviously a 70-minute pilot). But there's little further connection with the high quality of story and animation from the <b>Toy Story</b>movies.
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