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My Reviews (1 review)

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The Terrible Chase 8 out of 5 stars

Dragons Of Ashida - The Sequel!

Reviewed by: richardjf, March 06, 2004

In watching this merry adventure that Ugh and Dino Boy had with these natives and their giant lizards, it is clearly lifted straight from the Jonny Quest episode "Dragons of Ashida" but our favorite sumo wrestler holding the leash has been replaced by a much thinner man.
These are sun worshippers, it seems.
Nowhere near as intense as Race Bannon running from his two monstrosities (well, 3 if you count that trainer) but the repeated animation effects such as the slow march through the jungle and the forward roar are fun to observe.
To watch this cartoon with no idea of the Quest episode might actually make this one good, but then to see "Ashida" might leave one feeling cheated.
Still an interesting watch tho, but not for our heroes here.
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