My Reviews (1 review)

My Reviews (1 review)

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Ko-Ko the Kop 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Ray Pointer, December 02, 2001

Max Fliescher is completing a "pan" background art piece and pins it to the wall. Koko is outfitted like a London Bobby complete with high helmet and nightstick. He is placed in charge of guarding a precious bone which Fitz is motivated to steal. Fitz is inside the inkwell, pulling the penpoints off Max's pen. Once out of the inkwell, Fitz slices his way through the paper to et to the bone. Koko seals it up with that terrible tasting packing tape--you know the type I mean! While chasing Fitz, Koko encounters a beautiful woman in a window and is "aroused" by her beauty. When he kisses her, she turns back into FITZ, and the chase is on. A series of really surrealistic scenes follow, as nothing is as it seems. As Koko chases Fitz, everything turns into a crashing surf on the beach. Fitz pushes a cartoon rock through the paper and enters a hole. He he pushes another and crawls through only to have the background lifted to reveal a road with Koko chasing him. The camera reveals that it is Max who is cranking the background that the characters are running on. Fitz leaps into the inkwell, and lasooeing Koko, pulls him in. Highly unusual and very interesting parallel showing Max Fleisher the inventor and cartoonist.
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