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My Reviews (1 review)

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Home On The Range 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: dingdog, November 26, 2010

Given the track record Disney's had with its last few cel-animation pics, I really didn't expect much from the present effort. SURPRISE! This is a very-well-rounded, satisfying story that has a great deal of subtlety (at least from what I could see through my small TV screen), though happily not enough to get in the way of the plot.
It's enough to make me wonder--WHY did Michael Eisner & Co. have so little faith in this picture, that they decided to just DUMP it into the theatres in the middle of April?? Were they bargaining on the rabbit character, Lucky Jack, as having some tie-in with Easter? In any case, it was in & out of the moviehouses within the blink of an eye. A shameful treatment, overall, from its promoters.
Never mind: the story, the action, the songs, the dialogue all keep one charmed & engaged (I could've done with a COUPLE more songs, though, especially with the plotline of the villain being a musician). I have to wonder--what DID Roseanne Barr first think of having to play a cow?!?!? MY favorite character, however, is Happy big kick, in seeing this movie, is freeze-framing and advancing the action on Jack's facial expressions--a HOOT!!!
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