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My Reviews (1 review)

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Scrap Happy Daffy 10 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: damfine, October 07, 2004

THE best WWII cartoon ever made. Hitler probably cowered in his bunker after seeing this one.

Daffy officially enters WWII with this cartoon and he enters with a vengeance. He organizes a scrap metal pile so huge that Hitler is reduced to chewing on the rug and barking like a dog. His only recourse is for he and his Nazies to "DESTROY DAT SCRAP PILE!!!" (They're answer is to send a goat which works at first but Daffy wins the day in the end.)
While watching this cartoon, it's nice to think that Daffy being on the allies' side really did send Hitler into tantrums similar to the one he throws here. Actually, according to historical records, Adolf would order all prints of anti-Nazi films destroyed. Maybe this cartoon was the first to be thrown in the bonfire.
With a military service like this as well as Daffy the Commando, why he didn't receive any honorary mentions from army camps along with Bugs Bunny is anybody's guess.
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