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My Reviews (1 review)

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The Pink Sphinx 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Akktri, November 02, 2001

This is probably one of the better episodes I have seen from Kidd Video.
The animation quality, the background and the stories are totally different from what came before it, giving
it a feel sort of like The Beatle's Yellow Submarine, psychedelic and wierd.
It has everything eighties. I liked the cheesey reference to Indiana Jones with the rainbow colored bridge. They solved the problem in a different way, making it more original.
(If you call it original to keep using the sneezing shtick.)
It has break dancing and something that sounds like Michael Jackson(D'oh!) and I think some other eighties tunes.
I also liked the mountainous scenery. Being in a cold basement while I watched the video on, I found myself shivering, too.
The helicopters were cool. Copy cats usually go on foot to places, and that was an interesting change of pace.
And the kiddmobile broke down for the first time. It really, seriously broke down. In the past episodes I've seen, that does not happen.
And for once, they disagree with eachother. I like character conflicts. Whiz Kid wants to go home, and everyone else wants to have fun. This makes it better than a normal run of the mill episode.
The pink sphinx sings `Owner Of A Lonely Heart,' one of my favorites, though I wish he didn't wiggle his butt so much. Ick!
Here is a major problem: the sphinx's riddle is a song. It's stupid. How can that even be a riddle? And how in the heck did Whiz even understand the lyrics enough
to draw such a bizarre conclusion, that `Master Blaster is the evil in the sky'?
What kind of riddle is that?! Huh? That's terrible! I know I wouldn't have guessed it in a million years!
Whatever happened to the original riddle of the sphinx? `It begins with four legs, then goes on two, and then ends up on three.'
The answer would have been a human. Four legs-baby crawling, two, walking, and three, at old age, gets a cane.
Okay, I have to admit: it was too goofy for the pseudo egyptian girl to wear a Kidd Video music note on her head instead of the traditional Egyptian snake. And what was with the other people in that country? Is this supposed to be Egypt, or Palestine?
And another thing, that pink sphinx and the rainbow colors just seem a little bit too fruity for Kidd Video. (Of course, I could be wrong. Kidd Video's band seems an awful lot like N'Sync Or the Backstreet Boys.)
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