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My Reviews (1 review)

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Barnacolis 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Akktri, November 02, 2001

Okay, Ash has to go. His crummy lyrics are dreadful. I could not believe for a minute that the mermaids would even remotely
be happy hearing him play crap.
I hope this isn't a serious attempt on the part of the band!
Barnacolis was scary, and I liked the fact that they made the name up, and didn't use something old like `Triton' or `Poseidon.'
I liked how the copy cats stole the kiddmobile. It added something dynamic to the story.
The octopus in the turban was stupid. Ick.
Glitter's cousin is kinda cool. He can do the same things as her, like getting sneeze powers, but he's a bit annoying.
I liked how the copy cats freed the girl from under the bed after he messed things up. It shows that
they do good once and awhile.
Well, the plot was sorta weak in portions. The only real danger was from Barnacolis. Do not disturb. It seemed really simple to
just dive into the ocean and grab the instrument. All you had to do is get the kiddmobile back.
The M.B. didn't seem to care about the instrument at all.
Here's my problem. M.B. can be squashed by things like giant stone heads and the
kiddmobile, but we're supposed to think it's evil that he is going to squash someone else? No
one can be killed in these shows, right?
"...By Sunrise!" Barnacolis must have loads of patience. I wouldn't wait until sunrise. You have to bring the mermaids something better than
Ash if you
really want some peace and quiet.
I just don't understand how Duran Duran driving in a Jeep in Africa relates to the story. It just doesn't work.
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