My Reviews (2 reviews)

My Reviews (2 reviews)

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Hashimoto-San 10 out of 5 stars

a hidden master piece

Reviewed by: timtim, April 15, 2003

I saw this film last night in tokyo,and Ifelt this film is one of best catoon films made in USA.
From my(japanese) point of view,Hashimoto family was described well,funny and beautiful,but of course,in 1959,almost japanese lived in Tokyo didn't have that old big japanese style house.
story is that Hashimoto family know that GI Joe(their friend)come to tokyo's Hashimotosan's home, and they eat japanese food together,but suddenly a big cat come into their house,so GI?@Joe try to fight with American hero style(like mighty mouse),but he is caught by cat in the girden,so,Hashimoto san use judo,and win that cat.After that, GI Joe learned judo in Hashimoto san house, and he go home from Yokohama. But,japanese big cat( the same)waited GIJoe in his GI joe fight again using judo,but, the cat also use judo,so,again,GI Joe does'nt win this fight.

the color is very beautiful expressing japanese color,and Hashimoto san' s two children are very pretty showing caracteristic japanese children(they play HAGOITA=japanese style tennis) ,the form of this film is half like japanese old film style( especialy like japanese paper theater=kamishibai).and Hashimotosan's voice is great which shows japanese's no-pronunciation-style saying.
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Hashimoto-San 8 out of 5 stars

monkeymouse (Patrick Drazen)

Reviewed by: monkeymouse, January 12, 2003

Given the prevalence of racist stereotyping on American TV back then (I'm a geezer of 51 years, so I was there and I remember), this cartoon was a rarity, in that it treated traditional Japanese culture accurately, and even respectfully.
I still recall the episode in which a cat tries to pounce on Hashimoto-san, who tosses the cat against the wall. He explains that he used jiu-jitsu, which the cat then tries to learn. He tries to attack Hashimoto-san again, only to watch Hashimoto-san vanish before his eyes. The mouse exp[lains only then that he also happens to know nin-jutsu. And this is decades before most Americans would even have heard the word ninja!
I also seem to recall the interface between traditional culture and post-Occupation Americanization. In any event, this was a toon ahead of its time, and only Terrytoon's technical limitations kept me from giving it full marks.
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