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Space Wrecked 10 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: joeblackstar, November 01, 2002

"John Blackstar, Astronaut, is swept through a Black Hole into an ancient alien universe. Trapped on the Planet
Sagar, Blackstar is rescued by the Tiny
Trobbit People. In turn, he joins their
fight for freedom against the Cruel Overlord, who rules by the might of the
PowerStar. The PowerStar is split into
the Power Sword (retained by the Overlord)
and the Star Sword (retained by Blackstar.) And so with Star Sword in hand
Blackstar together with his allies----
Warlock the Dragon-Steed, Mara the lovely
Enchantress, and Clone the Shape-Changer----sets out to save the Planet Sagar. This
is his destiny."
"Space Wrecked" a.k.a. "Meet the Love of John Blackstar's Life! Why Did He Ever
Leave The Planet Earth Without Taking
Her With Him?"
A young, beautiful, Lieutenant
Katana in her spacecraft opens this episode, as she light-speeds toward the Black Hole and Planet Sagar, following John Blackstar's
ionization trail proclaiming to Earth-Space Command that she has to find him.
After a rough ride through the Black Hole,
Lt. Katana arrives within Sagar's atmosphere and her magnificent ship is
quickly detected and coveted by the
ruthless Overlord, who sends his Lavaloks
out to the Trobbit Forest-----the spaceship's apparent destination. Blackstar, Mara, and Clone quickly send
the Lavaloks back to where they belong
and wonderful reunion scene begins as
everyone...especially including Blackstar
witness a white spacecraft speed toward
the rock dirt canyon behind the Sagar Tree.
"Look at that!" exclaims Rif.
"It couldn't be!" Blackstar whispers
to himself.
As the spacecraft descends onto the
floor of the canyon, Blackstar jumps on
to Warlock and flies up to descend into
the canyon also followed by a very curious group of Mara, Clone, and the
The reunited lovers scene is a CLASSIC!
But joy is suddenly turned into a different kind of high adrenaline as
Katana's spacecraft is sucked up into
the ground, apparently by the Overlord's
forces, and a huge two-headed serpent threatens the Rebellion. But Blackstar,
with the aid of his magic Star Sword puts
the enemy in his place with a "Star Sword Tongue Twister". Lavaloks and a giant
Roc/Griffin abduct Katana. And just as
Blackstar rescues Katana, the two of them
are knocked off of Warlock and free-fall
which is fortunately, cut-short by the
Star Sword.
Katana:"That's some sword!"
Blackstar:"The Star Sword?!? Yeh, it's
quite handy in just about any
Somehow, the two of them wind-up in an area which is apparently real close to the Planet's core. Blackstar and Katana
spot more Lavaloks and Katana's ship.
Katana, on reaching her ship, gets blasted
up a laser-beam transportation tunnel to the Planet's surface. And Mara, Clone, and the Trobbit's arrive "just in the nick of time" to save Blackstar from the
Thanks to Mara's telepathic and clairbuoyant abilities, the Rebellion learns that Katana and her ship are being
held in the Overlord's Ice Castle.
The Overlord convinces the bewildered
and totally unaware Lieutenant Katana, that he will let Blackstar and her return to Earth in her spacecraft, but only if she brings him the Star Sword.
On arriving, Blackstar and his allies
have to battle Storm Troopers and unfortunately thanks to our hero's very slippery butterfingers, Murphy's Law kicks in when
the Star Sword winds up conveniently in
Katana's hands. Blackstar and friends chase after her to stop her from handing the Star Sword over to the Overlord.
And Sagar help us! Everybody tries to
warn her and tell her including the Man of Her Dreams who at the entrance to the
Overlord's Ice Palace cries out at the top of his lungs,
"Katana! No! He'll destroy us all!"
The Overlord gets the Star Sword. The PowerStar is formed. It appears the Rebellion's fate is ceiled. However,
fortunately for our heroes, after a very
romantic exchange between Blackstar and
Katana, our lovely blande-haired astronaut beauty turns on her spacecrafts
after-burners and knocks the approaching Overlord and his PowerStar to the floor.
The PowerStar is again split in two.
Blackstar reacquires the Star Sword and the Overlord the Power Sword.
After trying to convince Blackstar, he's alot safer back on Earth, Katana
gives up on our hero and navigates her ship through a hole in the palace walls
made by the Overlord's Power Sword and
takes off back into outer space as per
Blackstar's advice.
The Rebels escape and Blackstar tells
his friends,
"Let's go home, Trobbits! We've got a
big job ahead of us!"
The episode ends with Lieutenant Katana over telecommunications
requesting that Earth's Space Fleet be readied because, she vows, she will return to help him.
Episode kind of gives you a clue to how the Rebellion will defeat the evil Overlord finally!
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