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  • Blackstar Cartoon Episode Guide
  • Cartoon Characters: John Blackstar, Balkar, Terra, Klone the Shapeshifter, Storm the Amazon, Warlock, The Trobbits (Balkar, Terra, Carpo, Poulo, Rif, Gossamer, Burbil), Kadray the Lord of Time, Desert Sprites.
  • Originally Released in 1981.
  • Color
  • Running Time: 30 minutes.
  • U.S.A.  U.S.A.
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My Reviews (1 review)

My Reviews (1 review)

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The Lord of Time 8 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: joeblackstar, November 02, 2002

"The Lord of Time" a.k.a. "Totally Rad Masked Villain With A Totally Rad Dangerous Weapon---The Time Sceptre!"
(By the Overlord, I would have loved to have a time sceptre. There's alot of people I'd love to turn back into little babies.)
John Blackstar, Earth-Astronaut-Hero,
(please see the series' intro-info at my
"City", "Search", or "Spacewrecked" reviews) battles a FANTABULOUS masked-
villain who wields a magic time-sceptre
which has the power to reverse or speed up the growth development or evolution of
any living organism, plant, animal, humanoid, or otherwise. Unfortunately for this marvelous masked-villain, the Timelord winds-up suffering a very humerous form of poetic justice.
While the stubby little pink people are enjoying a picnic by the Sagar Tree,
a mighty wind rolls toward and against them and the Trobbits look up to see a huge flying bull with eagle wings, and
a masked, blue-hued rider holding a golden
sceptre announcing,
"I am Kadray the Lord of Time, sent by the Overlord on a special mission."
The Timelord, with his magic time sceptre, transforms the Sagar Tree into
a big Trobbit-sized acorn.
Thank Sagar, Blackstar comes to the rescue battles the Timelord both in the sky and on the ground (and using every time-related joke in the book)the Timelord is able to escape with the Sagar Acorn which he threatens to use to refuel the now dormant Fountain of Fire, which is guarded by the now peaceful Desert Sprites. Balkar warns that he will throw the Sagar Acorn into the Fountain of Fire when the sun sets.
Now homeless, the Trobbits, all except Balkar and Gossamyr, take off with Blackstar to the Castle of the Desert Sprites along with Clone and since Mara is unavailable at the time, they call upon the aid of Storm the Amazon Queen.
Meanwhile, Kadray turns the now peaceful Desert Sprites into the fierce warriors they use to be eons past.
As our heroes approach the castle, Kadray seeing them in the distance sends the Rebellion back in time to a pre-historic dinosaur age. Blackstar winds up
having to cause a one-eyed T-Rex to keel
over big time telling the poor guy,
"So glad you could drop in!"
Our hero turns the Timelord's winged-bull into a popsicle statue and the gang realizes that sunset is fast approaching.
Our heroes confront the Lord of Time.
Storm gets turned into an elderly woman thanks to Kadray's time sceptre. Blackstar and the rest of the gang battle
the Desert Warriors while Kadray -------
who knows what he's doing. We assume he's preparing the Sagar Acorn for the Fountain of Fire. Finally, perhaps needing peace and quiet to get the job done, Kadray, fed up with all the noise and commotion around him, sets his time sceptre to turn everyone around him into babies-------and the idiot has to tell everyone what he's doing to.
Our #1 Butterfingers Hero (see my reviews for "Search", "Spacewrecked", "Tree of Evil") has once more
misplaced his Star Sword, yet grabs one of the spears of the Desert Warrior, throws it at the Timelord's hand which is holding the time sceptre. And the time sceptre goes flying across the room while everyone, except Storm who gratefully has her youth restored, ducks to avoid an unwanted return to infancy and as I mentioned up above ------ the Timelord really gets what he deserves.
Blackstar restores the Sagar Tree with Kadray's time sceptre,
Blackstar:" Now that everything's set right, I'll destroy this. It's too dangerous a weapon."
Blackstar destroys the time sceptre and Clone and Storm joke about Kadray and the Parenthood of the Desert Sprites who gratefully, Storm hopes, should be successful at raising him to grow up to
not become a villain.
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