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My Reviews (1 review)

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Swim Or Sink 8 out of 5 stars

Mr. Me

Reviewed by: Mr. Me, July 09, 2002

Betty, Bimbo and Koko are set adrift on the high seas when their ship capsizes during a storm. Their joy upon being rescued soon fades as they discover that their rescuers are pirates who have designs for Betty. She, along with her companions, turns out to be more than a match for the pirates, however, as the three friends lead the pirates a not so merry chase that ends in the belly of a whale. A pretty good cartoon, though somewhat rough animation. What really makes it worth watching is a great scene where Betty sings on the raft, accompanied by Koko and Bimbo snoring. One caveat: This cartoon is probably not for small children (except unless they are nasty to begin with), as it contains a scene in which the ocean breeze plays havoc with Betty's dress. Despite her best efforts at modesty, we are given a clear view of Betty filling out her frilly undies. Ummm.
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