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My Reviews (1 review)

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Swing Cleaning 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Ray Pointer, November 26, 2001

This was the second, and final pairing of Gabby and King Little. In this entry, the King is supervising Sring Cleaning of the castle in mock house frau fashion. Gabby comes along and offers to take over so that the King can rest. Of course, nothing that gabby does turns out right. His efforts to supervise result in his ruining what everyone has already started. He criticizes the cleaning of an oil paiting of King Little, and when he takes over, he accidentally dips the rag into turpentine and scrubs the image away. realizing his mistake, he makes a child's drawing of the king, stating, "That looks better than it did before!" Perhaps the best bit of business invovles a dirty cuckoo clock. Gabby climbs a ladder, and wiping an index finger exclaims scoldingly, "Somebody come up here and clean this clock. It's filthy!" To this, the cuckoo slides out looking indignant, goes back in and sweeps furiously, shakes out a and dumps a large can of ashes. This is one of the few times there is a sequence reflecting the Fleischer style, giving life to inanimate objects. The whole thing comes to a climax when Gabby tires to demonstrate an easier way of scrubbing floors by attaching the brushes to his feet, and skating about the room. All is well until he make a leap over a wash bucket and hit a bar of soap. The suddenly goes sliding out of control unable to stop, knocking down the movers carrying a piano, and crashing through a newly plastered wall. With the castle in a shambles, the king is calm and sarcastically congratulates Gabby on his splendid job. The to show just how greatful they all offer their own tokens of appreciation--a slam with a mop, a hit with with a broom, etc.
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