My Reviews (1 review)

My Reviews (1 review)

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The Educated Fish 8 out of 5 stars

If You Play Hooky, You'll Get Caught

Reviewed by: Ray Pointer, March 17, 2003

This was one of two Academy Award Nominations for the Fleischer Studios in 1937. The story takes place under water
at the A B Sea School where the teacher leads the class in a lesson song about the dangers of fishing poles, reel that wind,fishing hooks, worms that squirm, and frying pans.

In stead of following the drill, Tommy Cod plays with his pin ball game set up in his desk, and shakes pepper in the face of a little saw fish in the seat in front of him, causing him to sneeze and saw his desk in half.

When the teacher calls Tommy up before the class, he doesn't know the lesson.
As a punishment, the teacher shuts him up in the closet to study. Tommy swims out of
an open window and goes off to play hooky, only to be faced with another form of hooky "baited" by a seductive worm on a fish hook. Tommy gets "hooked" into the trap, and is pulled into the fisherman's boat, but manages to slip out of his hands, and heads back to the school. Tommy learns his lesson in the field the hard way--if you play hooky, you'll get caught.
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