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My Reviews (1 review)

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Suddenly It's Spring 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: argussventon, March 02, 2002

Note, print reviewed was in monochrome and had U.M.&M. opening titles. Apparantly, the print had faded so badly that it turned beet red, and the public domain video company showed it in sepia toned. At first, I thought the cartoon was produced in black and white. Jerry Beck says he saw a color print. The cartoon feels depressing to watch, because of the storyline and the print. It revolves around Raggedy Ann's efforts to save Nancy's life. Nancy is a young girl, who apparantly needs sunshine or she won't live. Raggedy and her friends go on a quest to get the sun to come out from the winter clouds. Eventually, it all comes down to Mr. Zero, who refuses to cooperate, until Raggedy Ann sings a song. There is one African American stereotype in this cartoon. A cloud is portrayed as a lazy African American man. I think it's a good cartoon, once restored by UCLA. I'd wait around for the restored version before viewing it. Parents may wish to explain the racist elements to their kids.
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