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My Reviews (1 review)

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Toon Domestic Abuse 6 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: shadejford, September 02, 2005

Much has been written by online fans about the dark tone and painful violence of Famous Studios cartoons. This one is a particular good example. // One note--this web site's synopsis says the Henry character becomes a wrestler. Actually, Henry becomes a boxer in this cartoon.// The scenes in which Henry gets beaten up by his Amazonian wife Chicken Pie and the tough rooser boxer Hogan are more disturbing than funny. However, the scenes in which Herman and Henry are celebrating in a bar with female chickens are amusing. Even with the aforementioned scenes in which Henry gets beaten up , you find yourself morbidly amused with the highly exaggerated sight gags(like Henry's body being treated like a punching bag by Hogan). // Fans of Famous' Popeye series will like this cartoon. Henry's fall guy personalitiy reminds one of Popeye--at least Popeye BEFORE he eats his spinach. And Hogan is voiced by Jackson Beck, the same person who did the voice for Bluto. Hogan is really an anthropomorphic version of Bluto. However, Henry is such a loser. Even without his spinach, Popeye has the aura of a "never-say-die" hero. Still,it's fun catching the similarities between this cartoon and Famous' Popeye cartoons.
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