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My Reviews (1 review)

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An Elephant Never Forgets 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Ray Pointer, November 26, 2001

AN ELEPHANT NEVER FORGETS is in the red and green two-color Technicolor process, and is another one of those fun cartoons built around a song. In this case, a group of jungle animals are on the way to school, which is a daily routine as the song indicates. The school sequence is reminiscent of many of the School Days vaudeville routines made famous by Gus Edwards years before. Here the main song about an elephant never forgeting shows the character struggling to answer the teacher's question as he simply can't remember. The teacher leaves the room while the sutdents are lfet to take a test. This turns into a free- for-all battle with porcupine quill pens and school books flying about. Even the poor elephant is attacked without reason, but in the end he gets his revenge, turning to the camera, smiling and singing, "But an elephant never forgets!" Lot's of fun and entertaining.
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