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My Reviews (1 review)

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Slappy Goes Walnuts 10 out of 5 stars

Not bad for a debut

Reviewed by: FireballXL6, June 26, 2007

Usually, most famous cartoon characters tend to be completely out of sync with their original designs. Daffy Duck was much wilder and elasticated, Bugs Bunny was stubby and yellow, and Sylvester looked like he had mumps.

For Slappy, the only real difference is that her fur is more coarse, but that's nothing to complain about, and that is the only real flaw worth mentioning.

In this hilarious salute to the works of Chuck Jones and Friz Freling, we find Slappy, an ex-Looney Tunes star, semi-retired and taking her frustration out on commercial advertising. When hyperactive nephew Skippy comes to visit, Slappy takes both Skippy, and the viewer, on a six-minute laugh marathon into the garden of Doug the Dog to collect Walnuts from his tree.

As well as witty dialogue, brilliant sight gags and humour that would make Bob Clampett cry, this cartoon is perhaps one of the best you'll be likely to see since the 1930's!
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