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Smoke Screen 6 out of 5 stars

Educational or Do Your Own Thing, This Show is A H

Reviewed by: richardjf, February 01, 2004

The fish are stolen by some apeman, so the Butlers set a trap.
"NO! To trap the boogie man is dangerous, Butler!"
Once more, if you have seen other episodes of this show, we are handed how the customs of the cave people should be respected because it is what they believe, no matter how confusing it may seem sometimes.
this time the Butler family seems annoyed that they did something wrong. The Boogeyman was stealing the fish the cave people were catching for crying out loud.
EVENTUALLY, we learn that there is a boogey tribe and they all attack when their boogey leader is caught in the noose.
So Mr. Butler says "they hate fire. Let's shoot flaming arrows at them."
Problem solved.
But the show keeps flip-flopping between "it is our customs, our ways of doing things. You must respect them" and the Butlers trying to help them REALIZE they don't have to let king boogeyman steal their fish!
This is definitely not the only cartoon from this series to do this either.
You wonder why the cave people just didnt throw rocks or use clubs on the ape men to begin with.
But definitely listen for Scooby Doo as the noise of the apemen. Scooby Doo, we got some work to do now!
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