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My Reviews (1 review)

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A Turned Turtle 10 out of 5 stars

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Reviewed by: rxc640, April 21, 2003

Kim,Katie and Lok take a trip to see a hermit about a secret way out of the valley. The hermit tells them it is past the three giant peaks. At first Gorak refuses to lead them to the three giant peaks because a Tyrannosaurus lives in that valley. He reluctantly agrees to take them. A turtle shell is used as a boat to get to the three giant peaks. A dinosaur attacks them in the water. John,Gorak and Lok stay in the boat to fight the creature while the others run to hide in the jungle. Two volcanos explode causing a tidal wave. It carries the men away from the others. A new mountain peak is formed separating the men from the others. Gorak says they must rescue the others before nightfall because of the Tyranosaurus. It hunts in the night. A tunnel that connects the two valleys is now underwater because of the volcano eruptions. John tells them they will use the turtle shell like a submarine to go through the flooded tunnel. The shell is buffed with wet sand to make it transparent. It is weighted down with rocks. They take a bladder filled with air in case they need it.As they are going through the tunnel a giant turtle attacks them. Lok has to bust the bladder of air to scare it away. They just barely make it through before their air runs out. Meanwhile the others have been looking for the lost trail. They find out it's gone and they are stuck in the valley for now. All of them go back through the flooded tunnel in the turtle shell.
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