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My Reviews (1 review)

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Switch is Which 8 out of 5 stars

For once, the Wife dresses up Like a Man

Reviewed by: richardjf, August 15, 2003

When Gus is too tired to meet with a client, Laurie dresses up like Gus with a fake moustache. The client invites himself over for dinner, so now Gus must become Laurie.
Obviously it is funnier to see a guy in drag, as everyone from Fred Flintstone to Yogi Bear has donned a dress, but this is one of the few times the woman dresses like a man. Wilma and Betty entering the lodge on the Flintstones is one of the few times it has happened.
In the end, the usual fears of being found out are unwarranted and all is well.
I think this episode has the most dialogue and behavior from Laurie Holiday without Gus.
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