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My Reviews (1 review)

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"Castle Wiz" starring Tom & Jerry (1975) 9 out of 5 stars

Halloween-themed cartoons

Reviewed by: Bob from Woodridge, August 11, 2010

I love it! Actually, I love anything that has a Halloween theme to it, since it's my favorite holiday. And seeing Tom & Jerry in a haunted castle chased by ghosts is terrific fun indeed. I like the fact that Hanna-Barbera even 'borrowed' background music from the original Scooby-Doo cartoons for this 7-minute cartoon! I still have 46 of the 48 cartoons on videotape from TV! I wish I had the 2 'lost' cartoons: Termites Plus Two and The Flying Sorceress (with Free Fall Freida and her flying cauldron)! Anybody out there have those 2 rare toons? Also be sure to check out the cool 1975 Tom and Jerry theme song by googling the words YouTube and Tom and Jerry introduction; you will definitely NOT be disappointed. It's one of Hanna-Barbera's coolest theme songs! 4 other toons are available to watch free by googling The New Tom and Jerry Show (1975) Big Cartoon Database. Simply choose the first selection that lists "episode guide" and then later look for the 4 cartoons that have a little TV set by them: The Egg and Tom and Jerry, No Bones About It, The Tennis Menace, and Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse.
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