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My Reviews (1 review)

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Haunted Castle 6 out of 5 stars

You Can Say It's Dum, or Bubble Gum. Have Some!

Reviewed by: richardjf, April 25, 2004

Off to jolly old England, they are!
The Sundance Kids encounter spooky characters in kilts and all possessing long chins and noses as they make their way through the castle.
More of the same plot with Elvis making Mr. Socrates sneeze. Nevermind how can a computer sneeze, I was always puzzled when Mr. Socrates would sneeze when Butch talked to him over his ring communicator and if Elvis got too close, Mr. Socrates would start sneezing!
This adventure would have one of the corniest, but most eye opening songs I have heard out of any of these cartoons.
"This is just a rock and roll song. YOu can say it's dumb or bubble gum, but you can't help but sing along. Have some."
Strange yet enlightening words to the little ditty, that's for sure.
If the music from this cartoon wasn't considered bubble gum, then what on Earth was?
And I just love that final line "Have some." after the singing. Such politeness in a song.
The next verse would be followed with "have some more."
And doesn't the tambourine player move just like the little lady did behind Michael Pare in "Eddie and the Cruisers"?
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