Reviews written by Unknown Tag: 'Username' (1 review)

Reviews written by Unknown Tag: 'Username' (1 review)

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The Little Mole Unknown Tag: 'pic_title'
1941 4301..
MPAA: 07109

 featuring Mole, Mamma Mole, Professor Primrose Skunk

The Little Mole On Video!  The Little Mole BCDB Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8/5 stars from 10 users.)

The Little Mole 10 out of 5 stars

Timeless Classic

Reviewed by: letrobinson, December 07, 2004

I first saw this movie when i was about 6 years old. and it always stayed in my memories. I thought it was so thought provoking that when the little nearly blind mole thinks of a garbage dump as a beautiful castle until he puts on some glasses and sees it for what it really is.
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