Reviews written by Unknown Tag: 'Username' (1 review)

Reviews written by Unknown Tag: 'Username' (1 review)

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Johnny The Giant Killer Unknown Tag: 'pic_title'
Films Jean Image, Lippert Pictures Inc.
 featuring Johnny (Jeannot), Six Other Boys, Giant, Magpie, Spiders, Lizard, Bees, Wasps

Johnny The Giant Killer BCDB Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5/5 stars from 3 users.)

Johnny the Giant Killer 10 out of 5 stars

With me for years

Reviewed by: jimiruiz, October 06, 2002

I saw this when i was a little boy and Johnny's little song has been with me all these years. I wish i could remember the words to the tune.
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