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Reviews written by Unknown Tag: 'Username' (58 reviews)

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Clokey Productions, Lutheran Church of America
 featuring Davey Hanson, Goliath, John Hanson, Mary Hanson, Sally Hanson.

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To The Rescue 5 out of 5 stars

Working Together Can Be Great!

Reviewed by: immanuel6, September 05, 2012

This Davey and Goliath special created in 1975 places emphasis on working together to achieve a goal.

In the opening, we see the children at the Palm View School preparing and interacting about the summer with their teacher, Miss Lindsey. The children are adamant that they want to enjoy the summer. However, the children are about to learn about themselves this summer at the Roaring River Church Camp.

At Roaring River Church Camp, the children begin to take on responsibilities in their daily task. Davey is the camp bugler. Daily, Davey and Goliath sound the alarm to the other children that the day is beginning. Although Davey hits a few sour notes, he has a job to do. Priscilla must set the table each morning and complains to Jonathan about all the work that they must all do.

Pastor Jack must remind Nicky that he is the cookís helper as Miss Lindsey calls the children to breakfast. Rosa provides the morning breakfast prayer as Pastor Jack reminds the children that chores must be completed before the fun activities of the day. The children complain a little, but the Pastor explains that the chores must be completed before the fun can begin. George has the responsibility of cutting wood for the fire, but he has forgotten where he left the saw.

After all of the chores are complete, the fun begins. The children go fishing and Pastor Jack explains to the children that they are going to take a canoe trip. Pastor Jack has spoken to the Park Ranger to find the best location to go for the canoe trip. Pastor Jack and Ruth, Miss Lindsey, are concerned that the children are not taking the activities and the preparation for the canoe trip seriously.

During chapel service, Pastor Jack is able to remind the children that God has given us the world and it is our responsibility to take care of it. Pastor Jack also reminds the children of the scripture that says, ďAll things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.Ē Pastor Jack told the children to keep these words in mind on their canoe trip tomorrow.

As the children sit around the campfire, Miss Lindsey asked Nicky to put out the fire. As Nicky sits near the campfire, he picks up a little stick that has an ember on the end of the stick. As Nicky holds the lighted stick above his head, he wants to twirl it like a pinwheel. Pastor Jack reminds Nicky that his actions could start a forest fire if he isnít careful. Nicky gets the message, but complains that he and the other children must always act responsible without having any fun.

The next day, the children get to visit an area which has been burned by a forest fire. The children now understand the importance of fire safety. The children also plant new seedlings in the burned area.

In the evening, as the children prepare for bed, they notice a small engine plane that has engine problems. All of a sudden, the little plane goes down. The children, Pastor Jack and Miss Lindsey go into action. While preparing for the canoe trip, the children learned First Aid and how to work together in case of emergency.

The two passengers, Jan and her Father, are hurt, but are alive. The father prays for help. Jan has been thrown from the plane and her leg is broken. Janís father has a broken arm.

Davey tells Pastor Jack and the other children that Goliath can locate the plane. Davey sends Goliath to go and help the occupants in the plane. Goliath goes right to the plane. Jan is afraid, but her father lets her know that Goliath seems friendly. Jan pats Goliath and tells him to get help. Goliath is able to lead Pastor Jack, Miss Lindsey and the children to Jan and her father. Davey tells the Pastor and the other children that they should sing a song to let Jan and her father know that they are coming to help. As they all sing together, Jan and her father hear the rescue team.

Once at the crash site, the children go into action. George cuts wood for splints; they help Jan and her father. Janís father whispers a word of thanks to God for sending help. Once Janís fatherís arm is placed in a sling and Jan has a splint on her broken leg, the group head out of the forest. As they are walking together, the Ranger sees the group and is able to take Jan and her father to the hospital for further assistance.

At the end of the day, the children have learned a valuable lesson; working together is the best way to accomplish a goal.
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Clokey Productions, Lutheran Church in America

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New Year Promise 10 out of 5 stars

A New Beginning!

Reviewed by: immanuel6, January 10, 2009

New Year Promise

Davey and Goliath helped Mr. Opp at the church before the ringing of the New Years Evening Church bell. Davey and Goliath shovel snow from the sidewalk of the church and see the Pastor of the church. He asks Davey if he has made his New Yearís resolution. Davey tells the Pastor that he hasnít but he will be thinking about what he can change in the New Year.

As Davey and Goliath speak with Mr. Opp, Mr. Opp tells Davey that since he helped him with shoveling snow, he will allow Davey to ring the church bell at midnight to ring in the New Year. Davey is so excited that he asks Mr. Opp if he can ring the bell now for practice. Mr. Opp tells Davey that if they ring the bells now, it might confuse everyone in the neighborhood. Davey gets an idea. Davey climbs up to the church bell and places his snow cap over the weight in the church bell to muffle the sound of the bell. Mr. Opp allows Davey to practice ringing the bell. As Davey rings the bell, Sally comes to see Davey and Goliath so that they can go snow sledding. Mr. Opp asks Davey and Sally if they have made their New Yearís resolution, but Sally doesnít know what a New Yearís resolution is exactly. Davey explains to Sally that a resolution means that you will not do something bad anymore and you will do good in the New Year. Mr. Opps tells Davey and Goliath that a New Yearís resolution should be a promise to do something good in the New Year.

Davey tells Mr. Opp goodbye and promises to come back at midnight to ring the church bell to ring in the New Year. Davey and Sally get a chance to go sledding on the ice, but the ice hasnít hardened in some areas. After an afternoon of fun, Davey, Sally and Goliath go home because it is getting colder.

As Davey, Sally and Goliath get home; Mom and Dad are going to see the Reeds. Mom asked Davey and Sally if they can get their own dinner and that they will be home before midnight. Sally tells Mom that Davey gets to ring the church bell at midnight. Mom tells Davey and Sally that they will meet them at the church this evening. Once Mom and Dad have left, Davey, Sally and Goliath begin to play with some of their Christmas toys. Davey, for some reason, has been yelling at Sally and Goliath all day. Davey yelled at Sally when she was getting too close to the edge of the pond where the water hadnít hardened. Davey also yelled at Goliath when he was trying to get closer to Sally when they were sledding. Sally asked Davey why he yells so much and Davey tells Sally that he has to protect her and Goliath when they do ďstupidĒ things. Goliath also decides to make a resolution to stop stealing bones from the other dogs in the neighborhood. After playing with their toys, Sally tells Davey that she will make their supper. Davey and Goliath are in Daveyís room talking when Davey decides to make his resolution to stop yelling at Sally in the New Year. Davey tells Goliath that he will have a hard time with his resolution if he doesnít stop talking to Sally all together. Goliath agrees with Davey and Davey decides that he will no longer talk to Sally.

Sally calls Davey to supper, but Davey doesnít answer her. Davey eats his supper of hotdogs and Sally starts asking questions. Davey just nods at her. Sally is beginning to become upset. After supper, Davey and Golaith talk to each other. Goliath tells Davey that he is doing a great job of not yelling at Sally by not talking to her. Davey and Goliath thought that they were making the right decision by not talking to Sally, but they neglected to tell Sally what they were doing, so Sally thought that Davey didnít love her anymore.

Sally is so upset that she decides to runaway with Belinda her doll and lets a note on the Christmas tree. Goliath gets thirsty, so he goes to the kitchen to get some water. As Goliath goes back to his palís bedroom, he sees the note on the Christmas tree and brings it to Davey. Davey doesnít even look at the note and decides to make the note into a paper airplane.

Mom calls home to let Davey know that they are on their way home. Davey tells his mother that everything is fine and that he is waiting for his parents to return home so that he can go to the church to ring the bell for the New Yearís celebration. Davey calls for Sally but she doesnít answer. Davey looks at the note that he made into a paper airplane and realizes that Sally has run away. Mom and told Davey that if he or Sally needed anything, to give her a phone call at the Reedís home. Davey thought about what Mom said, but he decides that he had to go out to find his little sister Sally by himself. Davey and Goliath start tracking Sallyís footsteps. As Davey and Goliath walk pass the church, they notice that Sallyís footsteps take them to the pond where they were in the afternoon.

Sally thought about all the things that her and Davey would do together and she tells Belinda her doll that maybe they will find the house that she saw with Davey in the afternoon. Sally is cold and scared but she looks up at the moon. Davey is also cold and scared and he too looks up at the moon. Davey begins to pray to God for His help to find his sister Sally. Davey looks at the moon and thinks that his little sister is probably seeing the same moon that he is looking at. As Davey and Goliath trace Sallyís footprints, Goliath sees Belinda, Sallyís doll. Sally lost Belinda when she fell down the hill.

Davey and Goliath continue to look for Sally when Davey finds Sallyís red wool scarf. As Davey moves closer to Sally, he sees that Sally is near a snowdrift which is about to bury Sally in the snow. Davey has to yell at Sally not to move. When Sally hears Daveyís voice she tries to come back to him and the snow falls on her. Davey and Goliath run to Sally and pull her out of the snow.

Mom calls hone again to let Davey and Sally know that they are coming home to pick them up but there is no answer. Mom and Dad begin to get worried so they go directly to the church. Davey and Sally arenít at the church and Mom calls home again. As Mom and Dad begin to wonder where their children are, Davey, Sally and Goliath come into the church. Mr. Opp tells Davey that they will have to hurry because it is almost midnight. Davey decides that his New Years resolution is to keep his promise to be nicer to Sally. Davey tells Sally that they will ring the church bell together. At midnight, Davey and Sally pull the rope to ring the church bell. Have you made your resolution to do good and not bad?
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Hocus Pocus Unknown Tag: 'pic_title'
Clokey Productions, Lutheran Church in America...
 featuring Davey Hanson, Goliath, John Hanson, Jonathan Reed, Sally Hanson

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What Is the Secret? 10 out of 5 stars

Are You God?

Reviewed by: immanuel6, December 08, 2007

Hocus Pocus

Lorenzo, The Great comes to town. In the afternoon there is going to be a matinee of magic!

Davey and Timmy decide that they want to go to see Lorenzo The Great, the magician perform. There is one problem. They don't have enough money to see the show. Davey and Timmy make a pact to get enough money for the afternoon show. Both boys run home to see if they can get their allowance early. Mom tells Davey that he will have to "work" to make the extra money. Davey goes to his piggy bank and finds out that he stilll doesn't have enough money for the show. Davey decides to mow the neighbor's lawn to make extra money. Davey makes a dollar for his hard work, but he still needs about forty cents, so he asks Sally. Sally agrees to give Davey the money. Davey is overjoyed and calls Timmy. Both boys now have enough money for the matinee show.

When the boys arrive at the theater to see Lorenzo The Greatest, they are so excited.

As the boys watch the magician perform his tricks, Lorenzo asks for help from the audience. Davey and Timmy run up to the stage. As Lorenzo begins a trick the boys are happy that he has used them to perform a "miracle".

After the show is over, Lorenzeo invite the boys backstage. The boys tells Lorenzo that is "God". Lorenzo tells the boys that the tricks that he performs are nothing like the mighty wonders that God has created. Lorenzo begins to reveal some of his secrets to the boys. Lorenzo show the boys the "flower" trick that he performed. The boys had originally thought that Lorenzo had the power to make flowers grow. Lorenzo revealed the trick to the boys and admonished them to remember, that his tricks are temporary and are just an illusion, but the acts of God are always eternal.
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